Hockey drills for all skills

  • Put out a square of 10 by 10 meters. 
  • A player is placed at 3 pilons. 
  • One pilon remains empty. 
  • The player with the ball plays to the pilon without a player. 
  • The player standing diagonally runs to the pilon and receives the ball. And so on. 
  • In this way, the next goal is reached: 
    • a lot of movement, 
    • playing while running
    • take it in motion.
  • The children run through the room in pairs.
  • One child tries to follow the other.
  • Variation
  • The child at the front has to suddenly change tempo.
  • The child in front must always change direction sharply.
  • Groups of four or five children.
  • Groups of four or five children and when the signal is given, the one in the back sprints to the front and then leads the rest.
  • There are all kinds of obstacles in the field, such as mats, hoops and pilons.
  • The trainer leads the way along these obstacles, the children follow him.
  • Variation
    • The children run in pairs along these obstacles.
    • They run  backwards.
    • They run while taking sideways steps.


  • A game is not only fun, you also learn a lot from them.

Set up

  • Very simple: 2 goals, some vests and some balls. 
  • Surely no more explanation is required? 
  • This kind of game isn't really for training something specific (e.g. playing outside with a box in the middle), but just to have fun.
  • If a team goes loses way too easy, you can enter the rule that they have to pass 3 times before they can score. 
  • Or you can make that team's goal smaller.


  • 2 teams
  • 5 players per team
  • 3 goals per team
  • 2 yellow independent goals in the centre of the pitch

  • Game: team blue against team red. 
  • Team red scores at one of the 3 blue pilons and team blue scores at one of the 3 red pilons. 
  • When the ball goes through one of the two yellow goals, the goals turn around. 
  • Team blue scores at the blue pilons and team red scores at the red pilons. 
  • When the ball goes through one of the yellow goals again, it turns around again.


Ball possession Take a good look at which of the 6 goals there's a lot of free space

Not in ball possession Trap the player with the ball from multiple sides


  • 3 v 2 :
    • ball speed is important as is the shortest way to the goal
    • make a triangle with one player wide and one player up high to stretch the field 
    • look for the 2 v 1 
    • defenders work together and defend in zone 
  • 4 v 3 :
    • make sure where you want to play 
    • make game-like positions: Center mid, left mid, center striker and left forward 
    • ball speed 

Game with different variations:

  • with grip
  • with globe
  • with stick in weird position
  • with other balls

  • Player A runs left towards the pilon straight ahead and retrieves the ball so that the pilon is played out. 
  • Then player A passes the ball deep on to player B, who runs in.
  • Player B puts the ball back to player A
  • Player A finishes.

Then player A does the task of player B and vice versa. 

  • Player A plays the ball to Player B, who comes running into the ball.
  • Player B bounces the ball directly back and runs towards the corner edge circle with a slalom through the gates.
  • Player A runs towards the first pole to perform a tip in

Exercise is set up in the middle.Player A becomes player B and vice versa.

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