Hockey drills for all skills

  • Penalty corner 2.
  • A gives a directed pass to B.
  • B takes the ball outside the circle and passes to the right.
  • C has run into the circle and takes the ball and shoots at goal.
  • A= runs through to the far post and is ready to tip the ball or rebound.
  • B= runs into the circle for a rebound.
  • D= runs to the 2nd post to get the ball for the tip or the rebound.
  • E and F= both run to the circle edge to be ready for the rebound.
  • G= runs behind the given ball from A and stands at the height of the dot for the rebound.

  • This is penalty corner 1.
  • We always stand with 7 people at the attacking penalty corner. In the way that you see below.
  • A gives a good aimed ball to B.
  • B takes the ball outside the circle and finishes on goal. 
  • These are the tasks of the other players.
  • A= after giving the ball, goes to the post and stands ready for the tip or rebound.
  • C= walks towards the dot and is also ready for the rebound.
  • D= walks to the second post to be able to get the ball there for the tip or rebound.
  • E and F= both run to the circle edge and stand there ready to get the ball back.
  • G= walks behind ball that A gives along and also stands at the height of the dot and is ready for the rebound.

  • B comes running in towards the circle at speed. 
  • He gets the ball from A who gives a directed push for B so he can take him easily.
  • From then on the 2v1 starts. B and C against the defender. 
  • When the defender has taken the ball away he can score by driving the ball through the orange gate. 
  • Tips attackers
    • Create speed.
    • Playing over the backhand side of the defender.
    • Make eye contact with teammates.
    • Use the in-out running.
  • Tips for the defender
    • Close the shaft.
    • Stand between the pass line of the attackers.
    • Let the attacker make the mistake.
    • Set up exercise on two sides.
  • Practice the clean passing of a ball the proper acceptance of a ball. 
  • Then the player finishes on target and runs to an action he has made. 
  • A pushes the ball to B. (look, aim and hit the forehand of your teammate)
  • B takes the ball. (hands apart, standing actively, feet apart stick to the ground)
  • B pushes the ball to C who accepts the ball and takes it straight to the other side.
  • Take on the ball. ( ball on stick, hands apart, ball slightly in front of you)
  • Lines up the ball and finishes on the goal. 
  • D pushes the ball when B has played the ball to C right away. 
  • B must therefore turn around immediately and pay attention. 
  • B takes the ball and makes a forehand pass
  • B passes the ball to E. 
  • E takes the ball and gives another pass towards the 2nd post. 
  • C runs into the ball E gives and changes its direction.

  • The ball starts centrally.
  • Is passed to the back.
  • The winger runs in with a defender in his back.
  • The winger gets the ball from the back and passes it to the cdm.
  • After this it is a 5 against 4. 
  • (Strikers, cam, cdm and winger against 4 defenders).
  • A 3 v 2 with running lines set out, expanded to a 4 v 3.
  • Red plays on white and then taps the other red pilon before getting into the ball and passing it wide to blue. 
  • Blue returns the ball to white who has run on and the three players play a 3 v 2 on orange. 
  • Can be extended to a 4 v 3 with an extra defender and attacker in the circle.
Running training

  • 30 sec jumping jacks
  • 30 sec knee lifts
  • 30 sec heels against buttocks
  • 30 seconds bridge with 1 foot on ball
  • 30 sec jump-lunge with ball between legs 30 sec skating jumps
  • 30 sec Russian-twist (feet off the floor)


  • Build up from 25

Plank workout (3 minutes)

  1. 30 seconds normal plank
  2. 30 seconds of alternating left and right leg lifts
  3. 30 seconds of side plank on right side, other arm extended
  4. 30 seconds side plank on left side, other arm extended
  5. 30 seconds of normal plank 30 seconds of spiderman plank

Bicycle Crunch

  • 2 x 1 minute (rest 20 seconds)


  • 3 x 8 pylo-clap push-ups
You are only allowed to run on the lines of, for example, a volleyball field. The person who's 'it' must try to tag one of the runners.


  • Turn right/left only.
  • Knees high.
  • Hopping.
  • Backwards (don't fall!) etc.

Outside you can set up a closed course with hats or cones.

  • Defence: focus on man coverage
  • Attack: running in

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