Hockey drills for all skills

Improve driving
  • Player starts with a ball
  • You as trainer call 1 colour
  • In this case you call RED
  • The player drives through the 2 red gates
  • At the end she goes through the white gate and flattens the ball on goal.
  • Technique course
  • Player starts with the ball and does a slalom
  • Drifts further and puts a dummy near the pawns
  • Drifts around the pawn
  • Dribbles towards the balk on the ground and lifts the ball over it
  • Dribbles on and goes around the pawn
  • Does a herring trick near the cones
  • Then passes the ball on to the goal

Lift pass

  • A starts with the ball and push the ball to B
  • B takes the ball and pushes it back to A
  • B runs around the cone
  • A gives a lift pass to B who offers himself for the ball from A.
  • B takes the ball and shoots at goal with a flat.
  • 1 on 1
  • A starts with the ball and is the defender
  • A pushes the ball to B, B is the attacker
  • B wants to score in the red goal (this is the backhand side of the opponent)
  • A would rather have the opponent go to the other side
  • Let them start hitting in such a way that you push your opponent towards their forehand
Receiving backhand 

  • A starts with the ball and pushes the ball on the backhand of B
  • B receives the ball with the backhand
  • B takes the ball with his forehand and drives to the slalom
  • Slaloms between the cones and finishes with a flat on goal.
  • Lift exercise
  • A starts with the ball and slaloms around the pawns
  • Between each cone there is a beam and they lift the ball over it
  • After the last lift they push the ball to B
  • B takes and shoots at goal with a flat
Offering in depth

  • A starts with the ball and gives a push to B
  • B receives the ball and sees that C is running in depth
  • B gives a push to C
  • C takes the ball and shoots at goal with a flat.
  • 2v1 with pass in depth
  • A starts with the ball and drives towards the pawn
  • From then on the defender can try to take the ball away from A
  • A and B want to score in the goal together
  • Ideally, you want them to run and hit the ball from deep
  • Let them try a few times and then explain what you want to see as the coach
  • A2 plays the first ball to A3 who is going to score after a trick play,
  • The second ball then goes from A1 to A2 who takes it in stride and speeds up.
  • And when the defender runs along, a left handed lift (reverse if not possible) and passes to A3 on the backline,
  • Who also lifts with forehand and then makes the choice:
    • at right angles, header, penalty spot
    • or via A2 to two post for A1.
  • Defenders can score in p1 and p2,
  • Change after three goals.
  • 2 x 2 defenders.

Emphasis is on good footing during takeovers and being able to accelerate and lift, scan the surroundings of the ball and time the ball well and keep the body in between.
  • Exercise B+C
  • B is about the left
  • C is over the right
  • A1 dribbles with ball to A2
  • B guides player A, at 1,5 meter, backwards (open position).
  • This is about footwork, so when A arrives at A2 he just lets A strike at goal.
  • After the hit, A leaves the circle. B turns around and gets a ball from C. B takes a closed approach, turns open and plays the ball.
  • B takes a closed approach, turns open and rounds the goal.
  • Then the exercise starts on the right.

  • A runs in and offers himself to the 2 pawns.
  • B passes to A.
  • A takes a closed pass and turns away strongly and accelerates using his forehand.
  • Past the pawn A passes to C.
  • D then comes in and receives the pass from C.
  • Bigger finishing exercise with lots of meters.
  • Turn over
    • 1-2-3-4-1
  • On a quarter of a field, set out several exercises,
  • The players can start directly after each other.
    • From slalom,
    • dummy,
    • herring trick
    • to a walk you can set out.
  • So that during the warming up they can focus on all the techniques.
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