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Hockey drills

  • A starts with the ball and takes a self pass
  • B starts running as A starts running and gets the ball from A in the run
  • B takes the ball and drives at speed around the pawns
  • C has to start judging when to run to get the 90-degree pass from B
  • B passes the ball
  • C hits the ball on goal
drawing Attack over right without pressure
  • Dribble towards Circle around the pawns.
  • Feint on the blue pawn.
  • Then backhand flats on goal.
drawing Backhand flats on goal
1 vs. 1: rounding at goal for attack and how to defend for defense
  • Defense: Defending to the outside
  • Attack: Clear feint and acceleration
drawing 1 vs.
  • Taking the ball and passing it straight back
  • Crossing diagonally with warm-up exercise
drawing Ball playing and crossing
  1. A starts with the ball.
  2. A runs with the ball toward the box and does a passing move around B.
  3. A passes it and goes around the pawn and does the same at C.
  4. A drives around the pawns and accelerates to the circle.
  5. A hits the ball on goal.
drawing Passing opponent
- Divide the group in half.
- Start with each group on the right side of the goal.
- Place 5 pylons on each side 1 meter from the bar.

  • On both sides, one player starts with the ball.
  • Who floats to 1st pylon and bounces the ball on the beam and takes the ball back after the pylon.
  • The player does this at all pylons.
  • After the last pylon, the player drifts the ball to the circle and scores.
  • The player takes the ball a connects at the other end.
- When drifting, keep ball on stick.
- When rebounding, turn in with the body so the ball makes a sharp angle.
drawing Handball on the beam
Warm up three exercises
Exercise 1: Overplay
Exercise 2: Run and play.
Exercise 3: Run to the left and play.

Exercise 1: Overplay.
  • Two players face each other, both near the bar with 1 ball.
  • They play the ball to each other on the forehand.
- They must keep the stick low when attacking the ball and the ball must be pushed.

Exercise 2: Run and play.
  • Groups of 3 or 4 players.
  • 2 players on one side of the bar with ball, the others on the opposite side.
  • One player with ball starts walking to the other side.
  • Halfway, the player passes the ball to a player on the other side.
  • That player takes the ball and now runs to the middle himself and then passes the ball on.
  • Once the ball is played, the player continues to run across to the other side.
- They must keep the stick low when taking the ball.
- Left elbow forward as you run with the ball.
- Walk in when the ball is played to you.

Exercise 3: Run to the left and play.
  • Groups of 3 or 4 players.
  • 2 players on one side of the bar with ball, the others on the opposite side.
  • Same as exercise 2 but now the player does not run straight ahead with the ball but in an arc to the left and then plays the ball.
  • When the ball is played, the player continues walking to the other side.
- Stick low when taking the ball.
- Ball stays to the right of the player as he/she runs the arch to the left.
- Walk in when the ball is played to.
drawing Warming up
  1. Piece float.
  2. Indian dribble.
  3. Forehand - then take backhand ball - red-.
  4. Backhand - then take backhand ball - blue-.
  5. Expand to relay and switch sides.
drawing Parcour
  1. A plays the ball to B.
  2. B runs in and takes the ball strongly.
  3. B plays the ball back to A.
  4. C runs up and gets a cross ball from A.
  5. B has run around the pawn and passes to the post.
  6. C passes a ball on the tip.
  7. B tips the ball into the goal.
drawing Back to the guard
  1. Player A passes the pawns.
  2. Passes hard and cleanly to player B.
  3. A runs away from B.
  4. B passes to A and the latter takes to the run.
  5. Brings into the circle and rounds.
Points of attention:
  • Fast, hard and clean passing.
  • Takeover in the run.
  • Keep speed.
Possibly extend with a defender in the circle.
drawing Hard pass, take in the run and finish
Put out as many times as there are players:
  • Each player has their own pawn.
  • They play 1-1 with the person opposite them.
  • The ball is in the middle.
  • At the whistle, they start trying to tap the other person's pawn.
  • After a certain time, blow the whistle.
  • Player who won moves one space to the right on the loser 1 to the left.
  • In case of a tie; stone paper scissors.
drawing 1 vs. 1 mini
  • Set up the square with pawns as in the drawing.
  • 2 teams of 3 people are formed. One team gets balls and the other team gets vests.
  • One team may start with 1 player leaving with 1 ball to the square.
  • A player from the vests team may then leave.
  • Players may either put down an item or move an item.
  • The team with 3 in a row first has won.
drawing 3 in a row condition game