Hockey drills for attack / offense

  • The players are divided into teams of 3.
  • The game is played 3-3 on different fields.
  • Players can score in 2 goals and therefore must also defend 2 goals.
  • Variation:
    • Take away the goal.
    • Each team can only score on 1 goal, so they only have to defend 1 goal.

High tempo switching in a match form.

  • 3 teams (blue, red & white);
  • Each team consists of 3, 4 or 5 players;
  • Attacking team (A) has 1 player in excess (so 3:2, 4:3 ...);
  • One player of the defending team (B) stands in the box next to the trainer;
  • Non-playing team (C) stands at the centre line;
  • When A has scored, they defend with n-1 men;
  • Team B sets up at the half way line and then attacks.
  • Left-right alternate.
  • Coach puts ball in play.
  • Turn over:
    • Attack on the left: Blue attacks, white defends, red is ready on the right (II)
    • Attack on right: Blue defends (n-1), Red attacks, White prepares on left (I)
    • Attack over left: White attacks, Red defends (n-1), Blue stands ready (II)
  • Player 1 plays the ball to player 2 and player 1 runs on
  • Player 2 bounces the ball back to player 1,
  • Player 1 lines up the ball between the pawns (the player himself will not run in the "pawn box".
  • Player 1 finishes the ball on goal.
  • Player 1 plays the ball to Player 2 and runs towards the goal,
  • Player 2 plays the ball to player 3,
  • Player 3 runs up to the pawn and gives a hard flick towards the 2nd post,
  • Player 1 tips the ball into the goal.
  • First pass wide
  • players moves the ball inside other attacker move outside
  • 2 options walking inside passing outside
  • Player 1 runs with the ball to the head circle and hits the goal
  • Player 4 plays the ball to the left where player 2 and defender 1 come running in (2v1)
  • Player 4 plays the ball to the right where player 3 and defender 2 come running in (3v2)
  • Player 4 runs with a ball into the circle and plays off the attack (4v2)
  • Player 1 and 2 are defenders
  • Player 3 and 4 are attackers
  • Player 3 runs with a ball to player 1 and tries to get past player 1.
  • The same happens on the other side.
  • There are at least 2 teams
  • The field is the 23, from marker to other marker
  • You may shoot on goal from any position in the field if not dangerous
  • After 2 goals by the same team the losing team switches (After 3 wins the winning team switches)

  • Set up the exercise and where the ball is played to the team-mate it goes through the alley.
  • At the end of the exercise the ball carrier can score on goal.
  • After the exercise, the players walk along the outside back to the start.
  • Increase the distance between them
  • Make the street narrower and narrower
  • change the starting position after a while


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