Hockey drills for attack / offense

  • The game starts with a pass from player 1 to player 2
  • Player two gives a clean pass along the line
  • Whereupon player 3 runs towards the line to receive the ball with a backhand
  • Player 4 runs along the pilon and positions himself on the top of the circle or continues running by the tip.
  • A starts with the ball and plays the ball to B (defender must not intercept)
  • B then has to play the ball back to A (defender may intercept this ball)
  • When A has the ball again he plays it back to C 
  • C takes the ball and plays a 2 against 1 together with A who has ran through
  • Tips for attackers:
  • Keep speed in your game
  • Play over backhand side of opponent
  • See where your fellow player is standing
  • Tips for Defenders
  • Push them to the side 
  • Close the pass line between the attackers.


The player with the red pilon is ready for the long corner. This player plays the ball to the left and gives the ball to the player coming from the white pilon. The player of the white pilon plays the ball as hard as possible into the circle (towards the goal). 

When the long corner is taken, the players try to run into the blue and orange pilon and intercept the ball. The player who intercepts the ball scores on the back line and the other player scores on the 23-m line. It becomes a 1 to 1.

Swap: Red - White - Blue - Orange - Red

Attention: The player who takes the long corner stands ready as if he himself is going towards the circle. Pass the ball hard and low towards the dot. 

  • Each team has 2 goals. (see rules triple hockey).
  • 3 against 3 where 5x passes is 1 point (if the ball is intercepted, start counting again).
  • possibly 3 against 2 games with 1 player (trainer?)
  • always with the attacking team (complicated exercise!)
  • The children are placed in 2 rows.
  • The trainer stands just behind the 2 rows and rolls a ball forward.
  • The front 2 players try to conquer the ball.
  • The player in possession
  • drives the ball towards the goal.
  • The other tries to conquer the ball again.
  • From a marked point, the ball may not be taken away and the player in possession makes a shot at goal.


  • defense intercepts the ball
  • the ball is played to the right back
  • the middle right pulls in so that the flank is open
  • the back right plays the ball into the depths to the striker 
  • the striker pulls out to take the ball along the line
  • The purpose of the exercise is to make players understand that you have to step in front of your opponent
  • and the quick passing of a ball is essential in an attack
  • Have 5 attackers practice with the penalty corners
  • goalkeeper in goal
  • vary with declarers
  • different variants
  • At the end of the session, discuss 3 variants that can be used in the competition
  1. defender 1 passes to attacker 1
  2. attacker 1 to attacker 2
  3. through pass from attacker 2 to attacker 1
  4. defender 1 defends on attacker 1 when he has received the through pass
  5. attacker 2 attacks > 2v1


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