Hockey drills for defense

  • Let them play over in the box. 
  • Tell them a number of passes
  • Play over 5 times without intercepting the ball. 
  • When you have succeeded in doing so, you may start finishing on the goal. 
  • A starts with the ball.
  • Has a hard aimed pass back to B.
  • B takes the ball and from then on the 3 against 2 begins.
  • Attackers want to score on the big goal.
  • Defenders want to intercept the ball and score in the little goal on the sideline. 
  • A starts with the ball and runs up with an arc.
  • B starts offering himself to the left or right.
  • As soon as he starts running A gives a directed pass to B.
  • B takes the ball and rounds to goal.
  • Other group is going to do ball possession in the box.
  • Split the group into two groups.
  • First group is going to play ball possession with the goal of communicating with each other.
  • Second group is going to do the exercise on goal.
  • A starts with the ball who shoots the ball hard from the circle against the rebound board that is there. 
  • Attackers are going to try to finish that ball afterwards.
  • Defenders are going to try to get the ball outside the circle. (preferably on the outside)
  • Attack across the left.
  • A passes a ball back to B.
  • B passes the ball on to C.
  • When C has accepted the ball the 3:1 begins. ( with tackle back runner )
  • From then on the tackle back runner may also run and help the defender.
  • Lumping 3 against 1
  • Tips attackers:
    • Pass speed high.
    • Watching where you play to.
    • Play easy ball.
  • Tip defenders:
    • Backhand side close.
    • Stand between the pass lines.
    • Waiting for mistakes from your opponents. 
    • Practice penalty corner attacking.

  • A 5 v 3.
  • A shifts the ball to B, B shifts the ball to C. 
  • When C has controlled the ball the 5 against 3 begins. 
  • Tips attackers:
    • Keep speed.
    • Always return the ball.
    • Pass over the backhand side of the opponent.
    • Keep the field wide and long.
    • Communicate with each other.
    • Using in-out to receive the ball.
  • Tips Defenders:
    • Close the shaft.
    • Close down pass lines to the front. (make sure they have to keep playing backwards)
    • Communicate with each other.
    • Keep them outside the circle. (when they come into the circle it is pressure on the ball)
    • If it is too difficult for the defenders let a tackle back runner join in.
  • B comes running in towards the circle at speed. 
  • He gets the ball from A who gives a directed push for B so he can take him easily.
  • From then on the 2v1 starts. B and C against the defender. 
  • When the defender has taken the ball away he can score by driving the ball through the orange gate. 
  • Tips attackers
    • Create speed.
    • Playing over the backhand side of the defender.
    • Make eye contact with teammates.
    • Use the in-out running.
  • Tips for the defender
    • Close the shaft.
    • Stand between the pass line of the attackers.
    • Let the attacker make the mistake.
    • Set up exercise on two sides.
  • Defence: focus on man coverage
  • Attack: running in

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