Hockey drills for defense

  • Attack through the middle which starts with a 2:1 
  • B is a deep man starting in the circle. A starts with the ball and together with B he wants to complete the goal. 
  • C wants to slow down the game and close the pass lines so that D gives the time to come and help him. 
  • Goal of attackers:
    • Ball pass over the opponent's backhand side.
    • Playing a fellow player on the forehand
    • Making eye contact with your fellow player
    • Speed making 
  • Goal of the defender
    • Float your opponent to your forehand (your backhand side must be closed)
    • Accompany your opponent 
    • Slow down the game so that D gives time to come and help you 
  • When D has arrived, one goes on the deep man and the other puts effective pressure on the opponent and waits with the ball take away until the opponent makes the mistake.
  • An extension to the exercise of an attack over right under defenders. 
  • The goal of the exercise is that the 3 attackers want to get past the two defenders in an effective way. 
  • First have them do it again a number of times. After that the exercise that they have done for this purpose will come back. 
    • This is exactly what they have to do, only now there are defenders and they have to watch even more and give the safe pass.  
  • The first ball of A always goes back and from there they can build up.
  • It then becomes a 3:2 
  • A game form where switching is tested. 
  • You make two teams, if you score one goal you can take the ball out immediately and you will score on the other side. 
    • This means that both teams have to switch because they are now coming towards the other goal. 
  • V1 passes the ball to V2. 
  • V2 takes on open/closed and finishes at goal.
  • V1 passes the ball to A1.
  • A1 attacks, V2 defends.
  • V1 passes the ball to A2.
  • A2 coincides with A1, V2 defends.
  • V1 passes the ball to A3.
  • A3 attacks together with A1 and A2, V1 and V2 defends.
  • Points of attention:
    • Let the defenders choose who they go for, on the ball or continue to cover their man.
    • Attackers must keep moving.
  • The exercise can be played on two sides. 
  • Use pilons to set up two squares 
  • Around the dotted head circle (left and right next to/opposite the goal) 
  • A starts with the ball and plays the ball to B (defender must not intercept)
  • B then has to play the ball back to A (defender may intercept this ball)
  • When A has the ball again he plays it back to C 
  • C takes the ball and plays a 2 against 1 together with A who has ran through
  • Tips for attackers:
  • Keep speed in your game
  • Play over backhand side of opponent
  • See where your fellow player is standing
  • Tips for Defenders
  • Push them to the side 
  • Close the pass line between the attackers.

  • Each team has 5 inverted pylons to defend.
  • The pylons are on the line and the players may only stand/defend on their own half.
  • Which team knocks over the pylons of the other first.


  • The children are placed in 2 rows.
  • The trainer stands just behind the 2 rows and rolls a ball forward.
  • The front 2 players try to conquer the ball.
  • The player in possession
  • drives the ball towards the goal.
  • The other tries to conquer the ball again.
  • From a marked point, the ball may not be taken away and the player in possession makes a shot at goal.


  • You place 11 pylons at different distances, under each pylon you put a stack of city names.
  • Each 2 tries to reach all 11 pylons as fast as possible.
  • You dribble to a pylon, take a city map and take it back with you, tap the next one and it runs to another pylon.
  • Each city you return to the trainer will be stamped on the 11 city card.
  • Who reached the 11 cities first?

    (first practice without ball and stick)


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