Hockey drills for hitting

  • You start at the 25 yard line.
  • Gives a pass to the left. 
  • This player gives a pass to a player at the edge of the circle.
  • Who drives something.
  • Plays the ball into the circle and shoots at goal.
  • A starts with the ball and runs up with an arc.
  • B starts offering himself to the left or right.
  • As soon as he starts running A gives a directed pass to B.
  • B takes the ball and rounds to goal.
  • Other group is going to do ball possession in the box.
  • A passes the ball to B.
  • B takes the ball and gives the ball back to A.
  • A runs up with the ball, B goes wide and gets the ball from A.
  • B takes the ball open, lines it up and rounds goal.
  • B runs straight on and gets a ball from C.
  • B tries to get the ball into the goal in one go. (one touch)

  • Practice the clean passing of a ball the proper acceptance of a ball. 
  • Then the player finishes on target and runs to an action he has made. 
  • A pushes the ball to B. (look, aim and hit the forehand of your teammate)
  • B takes the ball. (hands apart, standing actively, feet apart stick to the ground)
  • B pushes the ball to C who accepts the ball and takes it straight to the other side.
  • Take on the ball. ( ball on stick, hands apart, ball slightly in front of you)
  • Lines up the ball and finishes on the goal. 
  • D pushes the ball when B has played the ball to C right away. 
  • B must therefore turn around immediately and pay attention. 
  • B takes the ball and makes a forehand pass
  • B passes the ball to E. 
  • E takes the ball and gives another pass towards the 2nd post. 
  • C runs into the ball E gives and changes its direction.

  • Depending on the level of the player, put a bit larger or smaller.
  • Can also be mirrored with a backhand finish.

  • Ball starts at red.
  • White runs back to give support and gets the ball.
  • When they take the ball, they accelerate to the side where blue has walked to.
  • Red makes the point of the triangle backwards and is played.
  • Blue runs deep and white goes to the head of the circle.
  • Blue is played and passes the ball to the player on head circle who scores.

Points of attention:
  • Acceleration on take-off
  • After a pass follows a run
  • High ball pace
  • Look at what is happening and anticipate
  • Searching for eye contact
Possibly expand to
  • 3:1
  • 2:1
  • or 3:2
  • Exercise B+C
  • B is about the left
  • C is over the right
  • A1 dribbles with ball to A2
  • B guides player A, at 1,5 meter, backwards (open position).
  • This is about footwork, so when A arrives at A2 he just lets A strike at goal.
  • After the hit, A leaves the circle. B turns around and gets a ball from C. B takes a closed approach, turns open and plays the ball.
  • B takes a closed approach, turns open and rounds the goal.
  • Then the exercise starts on the right.

  • At a high level, the drag flick is a common variant of the penalty corner.
  • It is also the only variant where the ball can be played at high speed, high on the goal.
  • Below, the basic technique of the sledge push is explained in 4 steps.
  • The backhand stroke is useful for a shot on goal but also to pass to your teammate.
  • With the backhand, you place your left hand at the end of your stick and your right hand slightly above the middle of your grip.
  • Usually you play a backhand from the barrel.
  • When your right foot is in front you let the ball roll a little bit.
  • Meanwhile you turn your stick to the backhand, you bend your right knee and then you hit the ball with the part of your stick just above the curl (make sure the ball doesn't stick in the curl otherwise you have no control over it).
  • You can make the ball go low or high by turning your stick.
  • With a diagonal stick the ball flies upwards, with a straight stick it stays on the ground.

  • Player 1 plays the ball to player 2 and player 1 runs on
  • Player 2 bounces the ball back to player 1,
  • Player 1 lines up the ball between the pawns (the player himself will not run in the "pawn box".
  • Player 1 finishes the ball on goal.
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