Hockey drills for pass around player



  • Practicing different techniques. (Also useful to observe how things are going during the 1st training).

Set up

  • All players line up on the baseline (or another line) and do a certain
  • and do a certain exercise until the 23m line (or another line).
  • This can be only floating, or floating + at whistle a drag or lift, etc.
  • Important is that it is not about the fastest, but the best!
  • You can make it easier or more difficult by making a difference in the exercise.


  • The goal of this exercise is to learn to look ahead when floating. In addition, you train your ability to react.

Set up

  • The players line up on, for example, the back line.
  • The trainer stands 10-15 metres away from the players.
  • At an agreed signal, the players start drifting towards an imaginary line at your height.
  • But in the meantime, they have to look in front of them, because you raise a certain number of fingers and the players have to say that number.
  • To make this exercise more difficult, you can ask the players to make a passing move on an agreed signal, or you can make the distance bigger, or the players have to walk instead of saying the number, to a point which corresponds with the number.

2 attackers and 1 defender.

  • Attacker plays the ball to the other attacker
  • The defender puts pressure
  • The attackers try to score
  • If they succeed, the game starts again.

Finish the training with a match shape on a half pitch

You can adjust the width of the field depending on the size of your team at the

Two teams with substitutes, substitutions are made when a goal is scored.

Each person defends a goal, on each field there are 5 goals, so there are also 5 people who defend these goals.

If a goal is scored in your goal, you have to sit on the sidelines and you become a substitute. A new player (substitute) from the side enters the field and will defend the goal.

If a goal is scored, it is 1 point. The team that has the most points at the end of the game is the winner.


  • A is the striker and wants to shoot at goal
  • B wants to defend the attacker and push to the other box with a jab. 
  • Tips defender:
    • Stand so that the attacker can only go to one side. 
    • Put pressure in an effective way
    • If they are in the other box, put a double with two
    • Can intercept more often to keep the pace of the game at a high level
  • A starts with the ball and runs up
  • Encounters an opponent.
  • B runs into the deep and gets a ball of A in the run
  • C runs in and gets the ball from B in the run
  • C takes the ball and runs towards the circle
  • a player encounters an opponent there and passes the ball wide to the run-through A
  • A walks in the direction of the circle and makes a choice or makes an action themselves
  • Passes the pawns on the left and finishes on goal
  • Or they choose to give the ball wide to the right to the run-through C
  • Then C shoots at goal 

  • Technique exercise
  • Learning the chop (if we don't have a water field we do another passing movement)
  • You walk towards the bar
  • Step over it yourself and tap the ball with your stick
  • Because of this it goes in the air and therefore over the tray
  • Then through the slalom and round off on goal
  • Do the exercise several times 
  • A starts with the ball
  • B runs towards the ball and gets a targeted pass from A on the forehand
  • B picks up the ball in the run and just takes his turn over the backhand side
  • Accelerate towards the circle and finish with the backhand or forehand
  • do exercise 2 times
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