Hockey drills for pass around player

Drive and push
  • A and B dribble simultaneously to the pawn
  • Pass it on the outside
  • Push the ball to the left
  • Then the other 2
  • Run deep
  • A starts with the ball and pushes it to B
  • B receives the ball and pushes it out wide
  • C receives the ball and sees that B is running deep
  • C pushes the ball back to B
  • B receives the ball and flattens it on goal
Color game
  • Give each player 1 ball
  • Set up a box with different coloured squares in it.
  • The players dribble around the box
  • You call 1 color and they dribble with the ball to the box.
  • Passing move + drive
  • A starts and drives forward
  • At the pawns they make a dummy move and push the ball to B
  • B accelerates floating around the pawns
  • A runs through and gets the ball back from B
  • A shoots at goal with a flat 
Offering in depth

  • A starts with the ball and gives a push to B
  • B receives the ball and sees that C is running in depth
  • B gives a push to C
  • C takes the ball and shoots at goal with a flat.
  • 2v1 with pass in depth
  • A starts with the ball and drives towards the pawn
  • From then on the defender can try to take the ball away from A
  • A and B want to score in the goal together
  • Ideally, you want them to run and hit the ball from deep
  • Let them try a few times and then explain what you want to see as the coach
  • First pass wide
  • players moves the ball inside other attacker move outside
  • 2 options walking inside passing outside
  • indian dribble / slalom
  • give the ball small touches from FH to BH
  • Drag the ball to the left and to the right to dribble past the cones
  • Player 1 and 2 are defenders
  • Player 3 and 4 are attackers
  • Player 3 runs with a ball to player 1 and tries to get past player 1.
  • The same happens on the other side.
  • With the different materials you can make nice courses.
  • A course is a fun and fast way to get the children to repeat their skills.
  • It is also possible to make courses with a certain theme.
  • Possible themes are: drifting, slalom, passing, playing high, making tempo.
  • The arrows and traffic signs can be used in all sorts of exercises in a course and in relays.
  • Here are some examples of possible courses


  • 2 equal teams, or in case of odd numbers with a joker,
  • try to keep the players on the team for as long as possible.
  • This can be done through short replay, the duel and then replay.
  • Two teams with substitutes, substitutions are made when a goal is scored.
  • Each person defends a goal, on each field there are 5 goals,
  • so there are also 5 people who defend these goals.
  • If a goal is scored in your goal, you have to sit on the sidelines and you become a substitute.
  • A new player (substitute) from the side enters the field and will defend the goal.
  • If a goal is scored, it is 1 point.
  • The team that has the most points at the end of the game is the winner.


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