Hockey drills for passing

Goal :
  • To take on and pass at speed in movement.
  • A pushes to B,
  • A runs along the 23 meter line and gets the ball back from B.
  • A takes on the run and passes immediately to C who comes up the sideline and passes immediately to D on the back line.
    • If there are only 3, C runs to the back line.
  • D takes on the ball and dribbles into the circle.
  • D passes to head of circle (A)
  • A gives a hard pass to B for tip in.

Variations 1. start on the other touchline so that the whole width of the field is covered. 2. do the same exercise the other way 3 A shot on goal and gets another rebound ball from B

  • B passes the ball back to A
  • A receives the ball and runs up a bit
  • B runs wide and gets a hard flat from A.
  • B takes the ball with a lift and accelerates to the circle and finishes with the backhand on goal
  • Tips:
    • Look at the ball
    • Putting the stick down far enough open
    • Look at your team-mate

  • A passes the ball to B
  • B receives the ball.
  • A runs wide to the side makes eye contact with B.
  • B gives a hard hit in the direction of A.
  • A takes the ball in the running
    • The ball lands on her backhand and she takes it in that way.
  • Accelerates to the circle, lines up the ball and rounds.
    • Set up on both sides.
  • On the other hand, you receive the ball on your forehand and turn open to take it with you.

  • B runs in towards the circle at speed
  • B receives a targeted push from A for B to take him easily.
  • From then onwards, the 2v1 starts.
  • B and C against the defender.
  • When the defender has taken the ball away he can score by driving the ball through the orange gate.
  • Tips attackers
    • Create speed
    • Playing over the backhand side of the defender
    • Make eye contact with the team-mate
  • Tips for the defender
    • Close the gap
    • Stand between the pass line of the attackers
    • Let the attacker make the mistake
    • Set up the exercise on both sides.

  • A starts with the ball and makes eye contact with B.
  • B runs in and receives a hard aimed pass from A.
  • B takes the ball with a lift action and controls the ball and accelerates to the circle, lines up the ball and gives a hard pass to the 2nd post.
  • C runs in and tips the ball from B into the goal.
  • D starts with the ball and has a tightly aimed pass to E .
  • E receives it so that he can run around the ball and finish with a strike.
  • A passes the ball to B
  • B receives the ball and gives it back to A
  • A runs up with the ball
  • B offers himself wide and gets the ball from A
  • B receives the ball open, lines it up and passes to goal.
  • B runs straight on and receives the ball from C
  • B tries to get the ball in the goal (one touch)

  • A passes the ball to B
  • B passes the ball back to A
  • B runs wide and receives a hard pass from A
  • B receives the ball open, lines it up and passes to goal
  • Then he runs on towards the goal and receives a hard ball from C
  • B gets the ball changed direction by a tip-in
  • 4 defenders in the (build up)
  • 2 midfielders
  • 3 strikers
  • 3 defenders (opponents) + goalkeeper in circle
  • Play around from the bowl without pressure (can always be added later)
  • The 2 midfielders offer themselves from the axis to the back where the ball is going. 
  • Not being passed to is going to the line and back to the axis. 
  • Not offering on the long passing line. 
  • Being played is opening up and then playing the hanging striker or the winger. 
  • After playing, continue to pass into the guard position.
  • The 2 WINGER strikers offer themselves on the 23m
  • The HANGING striker offers himself in the attack at the head of the circle. 
  • The WINGER striker on the support side looks for scoring position at the far post.
  • Player RED comes out of the square and offers himself to player BLUE.
  • BLUE passes to RED as he offers himself. 
  • Player WHITE pressures RED so it has to accept closed and plays back to BLUE (guard).
  • Player RED makes an acceleration to the left or right next to the square.
  • Player BLUE passes the ball to player RED looking carefully where RED asks for the ball (forehand or backhand).
  • RED takes the ball open and penetrates the circle to finish on goal.
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