Hockey drills for passing

  • Lumping 3 against 1
  • Tips attackers:
    • Pass speed high.
    • Watching where you play to.
    • Play easy ball.
  • Tip defenders:
    • Backhand side close.
    • Stand between the pass lines.
    • Waiting for mistakes from your opponents. 
    • Practice penalty corner attacking.

  • A starts with the ball.
  • B runs in towards A.
  • A gives a hard aimed pass to B.
  • B takes the ball with a lift and takes it with him.
  • B gives a deep ball to C who is ready to receive the ball and can at once take the ball to the back line.
  • C receives the ball and accelerates over the back line to give a 90 degree pass to A who has run on to the front circle. 
  • Set up exercise on 2 sides.
  • A is ready with the ball.
  • B runs in towards the ball. 
  • A passes the ball to B. B receives the ball.
  • A runs through getting the ball back from B. 
  • A takes the ball on the pass. 
  • He touches the ball only 2 times. 
  • A takes the ball again, B runs through into the depth and gets the ball back from A.
  • A also touches the ball only twice, accepts and plays on.
  • B takes the ball in the depth and runs into the circle and rounds to goal. 
  • Set up exercise on 2 sides. 
  • If it goes well, put 1 defender in between who will put pressure on the ball when they intercept, they can score in the little goal on their side. 
  • B comes running in towards the circle at speed. 
  • He gets the ball from A who gives a directed push for B so he can take him easily.
  • From then on the 2v1 starts. B and C against the defender. 
  • When the defender has taken the ball away he can score by driving the ball through the orange gate. 
  • Tips attackers
    • Create speed.
    • Playing over the backhand side of the defender.
    • Make eye contact with teammates.
    • Use the in-out running.
  • Tips for the defender
    • Close the shaft.
    • Stand between the pass line of the attackers.
    • Let the attacker make the mistake.
    • Set up exercise on two sides.
  • Practice the clean passing of a ball the proper acceptance of a ball. 
  • Then the player finishes on target and runs to an action he has made. 
  • A pushes the ball to B. (look, aim and hit the forehand of your teammate)
  • B takes the ball. (hands apart, standing actively, feet apart stick to the ground)
  • B pushes the ball to C who accepts the ball and takes it straight to the other side.
  • Take on the ball. ( ball on stick, hands apart, ball slightly in front of you)
  • Lines up the ball and finishes on the goal. 
  • D pushes the ball when B has played the ball to C right away. 
  • B must therefore turn around immediately and pay attention. 
  • B takes the ball and makes a forehand pass
  • B passes the ball to E. 
  • E takes the ball and gives another pass towards the 2nd post. 
  • C runs into the ball E gives and changes its direction.

  • A 3 v 2 with running lines set out, expanded to a 4 v 3.
  • Red plays on white and then taps the other red pilon before getting into the ball and passing it wide to blue. 
  • Blue returns the ball to white who has run on and the three players play a 3 v 2 on orange. 
  • Can be extended to a 4 v 3 with an extra defender and attacker in the circle.
  • Defence: focus on man coverage
  • Attack: running in

  • Depending on the level of the player, put a bit larger or smaller.
  • Can also be mirrored with a backhand finish.

  • Ball starts at red.
  • White runs back to give support and gets the ball.
  • When they take the ball, they accelerate to the side where blue has walked to.
  • Red makes the point of the triangle backwards and is played.
  • Blue runs deep and white goes to the head of the circle.
  • Blue is played and passes the ball to the player on head circle who scores.

Points of attention:
  • Acceleration on take-off
  • After a pass follows a run
  • High ball pace
  • Look at what is happening and anticipate
  • Searching for eye contact
Possibly expand to
  • 3:1
  • 2:1
  • or 3:2
  • Choose 1 warming-up exercise from the warming-up list
  • Receive the ball straight from the front
  • A starts with the ball, B comes running in
  • A pushes the ball to B
  • B receives the ball with the forehand
  • Takes the ball around the pawn and drives towards the goal
  • Push the ball on the goal
  • Push + take forehand
  • A starts with the ball and drives forward and push the ball to B
  • B takes the ball on the forehand and turns away over the forehand side
  • B drifts a little more and pushes the ball towards the goal

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