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Hockey drills for

  • An extension of the exercise of attacking on the right among defenders.
  • The aim of the exercise is for the 3 attackers to get past the two defenders in an effective manner.
  • Let them do it again a number of times.
  • Then repeat the exercise they did before.
  • This is exactly what they should do, only now there are defenders present and they have to look even more closely and hit the safe pass. 

drawing Attack on the right with 2 defenders
Game with the three teams,

  • Make three equal and fair teams.
  • One team starts as the defenders (on the picture the red)
  • One team starts as the attackers (on the picture the blue)
  • One team behind the 23 meter line (on the picture the white)
  • For the defenders, the idea is to pass the ball to one of the white ones standing in the box near the 23 meter line
  • For the attackers, the idea is that they will score. If they have scored they get 1 point
  • For the team behind the 23 meter line, the idea is that they accept the ball when the defenders pass it to them.
  • When the ball is with the team behind the 23 meter line they attack
  • The team that was attacking defends and the team that was defending moves into the box behind the 23 meter line.
  • This keeps on turning. The one who gives the most points at the end wins.

  • Tips for the attackers
    • Pass to the free man when in possession of the ball and make sure that someone runs in deep
    • Pass over the backhand side of your opponent
    • When not in possession of the ball, close the lines to the people in the box behind the 23-metre line
  • Tips for the defenders
    • Make sure you defend outside the circle so that they cannot strike
    • Keep up with your own man
    • Close the backhand side so they cannot pass over it
    • If you do have the ball, find the space and keep passing until there is a gap and you can pass to the people in the box

drawing Game with the 3 teams
Practicing putting down a striking circle and playing in a header.
  • Ball starts on the sideline and there is no space in front so the ball must be returned!
  • How do you stand in a striking circle?
    • We play in a 4 man bowl and stand as shown in the picture below.
  • What is the task of the people in the striking circle?
    • The left back receives first the ball from the midfielder who takes it out because there is no space in front.
    • It is the job of the left back to have already looked beforehand at where there is space and where I can go with the ball.
    • Then you have the left center man in the circle, who takes some steps back so he can receive the ball from the left back in a safe place, and must also have looked beforehand at the state of play and where I can go with the ball when I am going to get it
    • The right center man in the circle must have an overview of the game and makes sure she can play for the other center man or even for the left back if there is room for it.
    • The right back can go up or down a bit, he must see the play of the opponent and be able to react to it.
    • If there is high pressure, he should drop back a little to be playable by the back men in the circle.
    • If they are applying less pressure, he can stand a bit higher to keep the field long and wide and play forward.
  • How are we going to build up forward what is the job of the midfielders?
    • The task of the midfielders is to pass from inside to outside, run towards the ball and if they do not get the ball, run away again to create space for your team-mates
  • The other team is going to put pressure on the players who are playing in the bowl and experiment with this

drawing Playing in the striking circle
  • Ball possession with smaller teams.
  • Objective:
    • Looking at each other
    • Giving a pass into the forehand of the teammate
    • Giving a pass over your opponent's backhand side.

drawing Ball possession with teams of 3
A game form where for switching is tested.
  • You make two teams, if you score at one goal you may take the ball right out and go score at the other side.
  • This means that both teams have to switch because they are now coming towards the other goal.

drawing Party form maked taked
  • V1 pass the ball to V2
  • A.B,C are going to run the press together and make sure that V1 and V2 cannot put the ball in the goal
  • A makes sure that the ball cannot pass through the axis and thus drives to the middle
  • B runs the ball in the right direction and starts to put pressure on V2 from the side
  • C is a bit further back so they dare to play the ball to V2 and when the ball is passed together with B he presses on the ball and makes sure it cannot go past the line
  • When they have conquered the ball, the 3 of them build up to score a goal

drawing Press with 3 men and switch to attack
  • Attack through the middle which starts with a 2:1
  • B is a deep man starting in the circle. A starts with the ball and wants to finish with B on goal.
  • C wants to slow the game down and close the pass lines to give D time to come to his aid.

  • Goal of attackers:
    • Pass the ball over the backhand side of the opponent
    • Pass to teammate on the forehand
    • Making eye contact with your team-mate
    • Make speed
  • Defender's goal
    • Drive your opponent towards your forehand (your backhand side must be closed)
    • Guiding your opponent
    • Slowing down the game to give D time to come and help you
    • When D has arrived, one goes on the deep man and the other effectively pressures the opponent and waits to take the ball away until the opponent makes the mistake

drawing 2:1 through the middle to a 2:2
  • Keep possession of the ball with your team
  • You can score a point by playing one of your teammates in one of the squares.
  • You cannot score 2 points in the same square, you have to go to another square before you can go to another square again

drawing Castle hockey
  • Ball possession with 2 boxes in the middle which you may NOT pass through.
  • You may pass through the box yourself, but you may not pass the ball through.
  • Tips:
    • Look at where the space is
    • Play triangles with each other
    • Block your opponent

drawing Ball possession with 2 compartments
  • The three attackers are going to try to pass in the box 3 times
    • If this is too easy, you can make more.
  • When they have passed each other 3 times, they may finish on goal
  • They only have to pass the defender who is standing there.
  • It then becomes a 3 on 2 with the attacker who was standing in the box.

drawing Ball possession with finishing
  • A starts with the ball and first plays the ball back to B.
  • When B has received the ball, the 3v3 starts and the defenders can start to pressure.
  • Tips for the attackers:
    • Use the exercise of switching the strikers
    • Play only the safe ball
    • Remember the 4 squares in the circle
  • Tips for defenders:
    • Keep your player in the circle
    • Push them to one side
    • Always put pressure on the ball (so do not let them shoot)

drawing 3 against 3 in the circle
  • A starts with the ball and runs towards the bar,
    • where he does a chop (another action if we don't have a water court)
  • He accelerates towards the circle.
  • B and C are ready to receive the ball from A and change places at the last moment.
  • B or C receives the ball from A and then we play a 3 on 2.

drawing Switching the strikers in depth