Hockey drills for push pass

Goal :
  • To take on and pass at speed in movement.
  • A pushes to B,
  • A runs along the 23 meter line and gets the ball back from B.
  • A takes on the run and passes immediately to C who comes up the sideline and passes immediately to D on the back line.
    • If there are only 3, C runs to the back line.
  • D takes on the ball and dribbles into the circle.
  • D passes to head of circle (A)
  • A gives a hard pass to B for tip in.

Variations 1. start on the other touchline so that the whole width of the field is covered. 2. do the same exercise the other way 3 A shot on goal and gets another rebound ball from B

Goal :
  • Transfer , quick assumptions and passing
Execution :
  • A does Indian dribble at the pawns
  • Pass to B.
  • B takes open and passes immediately to C who comes up along the sideline.
  • C runs on to the back line and runs via the back line in the direction of the goal.
  • C passes back to A at the head of the circle.
  • A scores.

Points of attention:
  • Clean passing
  • Quick passing and
  • Correct passing in the run

Variations :
  1. From the other side
  2. Instead of dribble 3 D, introduce aerial dribble or passing moves (drag, dummy).
  3. B takes closed take instead of open take.
  4. C can come up unhanded along the back line,
  5. C, after taking the ball, passes straight to the far-post area where A goes.
  6. Bring in the rebound
  7. From B to C a high ball.

  • Ball starts with player 1, who runs to the back line, turns close and passes the ball in the run to player 2.
  • Player two runs towards the 23, makes a turn to the right and pushes the ball to player 3.
  • Player 3 attempts to run towards header circle but retrieves the ball at the ion and passes to player 4.
  • Player 4 runs towards the back line and passes the ball towards head circle.
  • Player 3 has run on after the pass and has taken position between the head circle and the center spot and will choose from here between rounding or playing on the tip.
  • Player 1 is ready for the tip.
  • Direction of rotation in chronological order.
  • There are 6 positions and a straight ball forward and a slanted ball back is given each time. 
  • The ball ends in front of the circle and the last player rounds on goal. 
  • Practice the clean passing of a ball the proper acceptance of a ball. 
  • Then the player finishes on target and runs to an action he has made. 
  • A pushes the ball to B. (look, aim and hit the forehand of your teammate)
  • B takes the ball. (hands apart, standing actively, feet apart stick to the ground)
  • B pushes the ball to C who accepts the ball and takes it straight to the other side.
  • Take on the ball. ( ball on stick, hands apart, ball slightly in front of you)
  • Lines up the ball and finishes on the goal. 
  • D pushes the ball when B has played the ball to C right away. 
  • B must therefore turn around immediately and pay attention. 
  • B takes the ball and makes a forehand pass
  • B passes the ball to E. 
  • E takes the ball and gives another pass towards the 2nd post. 
  • C runs into the ball E gives and changes its direction.

  • Depending on the level of the player, put a bit larger or smaller.
  • Can also be mirrored with a backhand finish.

  • Ball starts at red.
  • White runs back to give support and gets the ball.
  • When they take the ball, they accelerate to the side where blue has walked to.
  • Red makes the point of the triangle backwards and is played.
  • Blue runs deep and white goes to the head of the circle.
  • Blue is played and passes the ball to the player on head circle who scores.

Points of attention:
  • Acceleration on take-off
  • After a pass follows a run
  • High ball pace
  • Look at what is happening and anticipate
  • Searching for eye contact
Possibly expand to
  • 3:1
  • 2:1
  • or 3:2
Drive and push
  • A and B dribble simultaneously to the pawn
  • Pass it on the outside
  • Push the ball to the left
  • Then the other 2
  • Run deep
  • A starts with the ball and pushes it to B
  • B receives the ball and pushes it out wide
  • C receives the ball and sees that B is running deep
  • C pushes the ball back to B
  • B receives the ball and flattens it on goal
Improve driving
  • Player starts with a ball
  • You as trainer call 1 colour
  • In this case you call RED
  • The player drives through the 2 red gates
  • At the end she goes through the white gate and flattens the ball on goal.
  • Technique course
  • Player starts with the ball and does a slalom
  • Drifts further and puts a dummy near the pawns
  • Drifts around the pawn
  • Dribbles towards the balk on the ground and lifts the ball over it
  • Dribbles on and goes around the pawn
  • Does a herring trick near the cones
  • Then passes the ball on to the goal

Lift pass

  • A starts with the ball and push the ball to B
  • B takes the ball and pushes it back to A
  • B runs around the cone
  • A gives a lift pass to B who offers himself for the ball from A.
  • B takes the ball and shoots at goal with a flat.
  • 1 on 1
  • A starts with the ball and is the defender
  • A pushes the ball to B, B is the attacker
  • B wants to score in the red goal (this is the backhand side of the opponent)
  • A would rather have the opponent go to the other side
  • Let them start hitting in such a way that you push your opponent towards their forehand
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