Hockey drills for push pass


The player with the red pilon is ready for the long corner. This player plays the ball to the left and gives the ball to the player coming from the white pilon. The player of the white pilon plays the ball as hard as possible into the circle (towards the goal). 

When the long corner is taken, the players try to run into the blue and orange pilon and intercept the ball. The player who intercepts the ball scores on the back line and the other player scores on the 23-m line. It becomes a 1 to 1.

Swap: Red - White - Blue - Orange - Red

Attention: The player who takes the long corner stands ready as if he himself is going towards the circle. Pass the ball hard and low towards the dot. 

  1. defender 1 passes to attacker 1
  2. attacker 1 to attacker 2
  3. through pass from attacker 2 to attacker 1
  4. defender 1 defends on attacker 1 when he has received the through pass
  5. attacker 2 attacks > 2v1


  • Flat
  • Open reception,
  • Accelerate & push pass out of the barrel (alternate with other techniques such as stroke, push pass, backhand pass).
  • A flats to B (A runs after own ball);
  • B takes it open and runs around the pilon.
  • B accelerates with the ball stuck to the stick and plays the ball through the gates to A.
  • Resumption
  • put out a square as shown in the drawing.
  • Make teams of 3 people.
  • There must always be one pilon open.
  • Start with the ball at person 1, person must always have 2 possibilities.
  • If person 1 passes to person 3, person 2 must move one square.
  • This is how the exercise continues.
  • Defender plays the ball to the right back. 
  • Right half pulls in and right front goes deep. 
  • Defender gives a deep pass on the right front. 
  • Right front turns away and plays the ball back on the midfielder. 
  • Midfielder puts the ball back on the other central defender who comes in. 
  • Pass to left back and then perform the same exercise as over right.

Game with different variations:

  • with grip
  • with globe
  • with stick in weird position
  • with other balls

  • Player A plays the ball to Player B, who comes running into the ball.
  • Player B bounces the ball directly back and runs towards the corner edge circle with a slalom through the gates.
  • Player A runs towards the first pole to perform a tip in

Exercise is set up in the middle.Player A becomes player B and vice versa.

  • Player 1 asks the ball in front of the pilons and receives the ball from player 3. 
  • At that moment player 2 grabs a ball and dribbles to the back line.
  • Player 1 runs with his/her ball to the circle and finishes there.
  • Then player 1 runs to the penaltyspot where he/she receives the ball from player 3.
  • The ball is then finished on goal again.
  • It works just like a normal game only now there's a square in the middle.
  • If a shot or other foul is made, or if the ball has been out of bounds, the trainer throws/plays in a new ball from inside the square.
  • The ball does not necessarily go to the same team or at the place where the foul was made.
  • The size of the field depends on the number of players.
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