Hockey drills for


  • 2 groups of players stand behind each other,
  • back player lifts leg of player in front of him.
  • the player in front of him goes through the knees with the other leg.


  • The tagger should try to tap as many children as possible.
  • If you are in danger of getting tapped you can call a television show and then the tagger is not allowed to tap you.
  • You have to stand with your legs wide.
  • The rest can be relieved by crawling between your legs.
  • When you are tapped, you stand by the trainer.



  • 2 players give each other a hand and start tapping together (don't let go).
  • Player who is tapped gives a 3rd hand and when another player is tapped they form another twin pair.

    (each group of four splits).


  • Groups of 2 in a row.
  • There is one tagger and one runner.
  • The one who has to run away, because otherwise he will be tapped, will quickly stand in front of 2.
  • The last one of these two has to run away quickly in order not to be tapped, because 3 is too much! If you get tapped, you become the tagger.


  • There are 3 or 4 gates in the indicated area.
  • To score a point you have to pass the ball to a team-mate through a gate.
  • After scoring, the other player can score if they are in possession of the ball.


  • Flat
  • Open reception,
  • Accelerate & push pass out of the barrel (alternate with other techniques such as stroke, push pass, backhand pass).
  • A flats to B (A runs after own ball);
  • B takes it open and runs around the pilon.
  • B accelerates with the ball stuck to the stick and plays the ball through the gates to A.
  • Resumption


  • The exercises can be played in 2 variations: the one for real beginning hockey players (this exercise can be used for a clinic for example) and the one for beginning hockey players who have already been in contact with hockey.
  • Variant 1:
  • Player 1 plays the ball to player 2, he takes the ball and passes on to player 3.
  • Player 3 takes the ball and shoots at goal.
  • Player 4 tries to stop the ball with the bottom of the foot or with the stick.
  • Player 4 picks up the ball and joins the row at the back of the starting pilon of player 1.
  • For safety's sake, don't shoot at goal when player 4 takes the ball. 
  • The balls can also be taken out of the goal later on or use a break for that.
  • This is for safety reasons.

  • all players sit on one half in a circle
  • everyone has a ball
  • Legs are stretched on the floor
  • 1st exercise = everyone passes the ball to the left
  • 2nd exercise = everyone passes the ball to the right 
  • 3rd exercise = do the same with a pair of "medizin" balls or 1 or 2 "medizin" balls in between the normal balls
  • now in planking position or push-up position 
  • 1st exercise = everyone rolls the ball underneath them to the next player to the left
  • 2nd exercise = everyone rolls the ball underneath them to the next player to the right
  • 3rd exercise = now the ball can also be rolled to another player e.g. to the other side



  • Player starts at the blue pilon and runs inwards. 
  • While running he receives the ball and continues. 
  • Before the player reaches the red pilon, the ball must be passed on to the next player.
  • The centre mid player passes to the left half, left half to the left front. 
  • Left front puts it back in front of the striker. 
  • Striker crosses it and right front scores with a tip-in.


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