Hockey drills for warming-up

  • 2 with the ball and the rest by tapping the ball against another.
  • Running with the ball is not allowed.
  • Once tapped you are also tapped.
  • Tappers wear a ribbon
  • Make a triangle of cones, about 5 meters apart.
  • Alternate techniques: pushing, flattening & hitting.
  • Alternate direction of passes after 2 minutes.
  • Walking direction opposite to direction of pass.
  • 30 sec jumping jacks
  • 30 sec sit ups
  • 30se squats
  • 30 sec push up and turn arm up
  • 30 sec high knee running in place
  • 30 sec lunges
  • 30 sec plank
  • knee lift
  • heels against buttocks
  • lateral steps both ways
  • cross pass both sides
  • ball retrieval
  • 3 steps forward , backward and sprint
  • In the room are hoops.
  • 2 teams play against each other.
  • You can score a point by passing the ball 5 times and then putting the ball in a hoop.
  • The other team can then take the ball.
  • Float the ball and after the hoop pass the ball to a teammate who does the same.


  • With the different materials you can make nice courses.
  • A course is a fun and fast way to get the children to repeat their skills.
  • It is also possible to make courses with a certain theme.
  • Possible themes are: drifting, slalom, passing, playing high, making tempo.
  • The arrows and traffic signs can be used in all sorts of exercises in a course and in relays.
  • Here are some examples of possible courses


  • The catcher must try to catch the others.
  • When you are tagged, you stand with your legs apart and your arms crossed.
  • Without the ticker knowing, the group has appointed a secret saviour;
  • He may redeem the ticked by secretly tapping them.
  • The game stops when the secret deliverer is caught.


  • Make two teams.
  • The goal is to get the ball to the other side of the line.
  • You do this by standing in plank position and then pushing the ball to the other person who is standing further down in plank position.
  • Then you run to the front and stand in a holding position and wait for the ball to come.
  • The team that gets to the other side first wins.
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