Hockey drills for warming-up

  • The group is positioned in the four corners of the field.
  • One who tags has to wear a party ribbon
  • On a sign, they cross the field in three directions of their choice:
  • the short side, the long side or diagonal.
  • This results in one, two or three points each time they return.
  • A tagger operates in the free space and obliges the tagged children to first go back to their corner before they may cross again.
  • How many points can you score in a set time?
  • The group is lined up on the short side of the field for a relay. 
  • On a sign they all run to the other side at the same time and try to sit down as soon as possible in a random order.
  • Which line-up will be the first to sit down?
  • Variation
  • Varying start and end positions.
  • Touching a line on the opposite side, returning and sitting in line again.
  • Let the team run for about five minutes and then continue with the following exercises: 
  • put out the pilons as shown in figure one.
  • Have the team make two rows on the sideline at the height of the 23-metre line.
  • Perform the following running exercises on the dotted line: 
  • - Knee lifting (constructive 50%, 80%, 100%).
  • - Heel to buttocks (building 50%, 80%, 100%).
  • - Sideways
  • - Cross step.
  • - And finally, release the arms.  
  • Put out six pilons in a row with +/- five meters between each pilon.
  • This is best done on the 23 meter line as shown in figure 1. 
  • Again make two rows and let the team sprint from the sideline to the first pylon and back, then from the sideline to the second pylon and back.
  • Repeat this until the sixth pylon. 
  • After these sprint exercises let the team run half a lap. 
  • Flat
  • Open reception,
  • Accelerate & push pass out of the barrel (alternate with other techniques such as stroke, push pass, backhand pass).
  • A flats to B (A runs after own ball);
  • B takes it open and runs around the pilon.
  • B accelerates with the ball stuck to the stick and plays the ball through the gates to A.
  • Resumption
  • There is one tigger without ball and two players without ball.
  • It is thrown over accurately, whoever has the ball, can be tagged, a player without ball can not be tagged.
  • The ball may be held for a maximum of ten seconds.
  • If the tagger has intercepted a ball, the ball goes out of play.
  • If you are tagged, you go to the side when no. 2 comes to the side, no. 1 goes back into the game
  • The children run through the room in pairs.
  • One child tries to follow the other.
  • Variation
  • The child at the front has to suddenly change tempo.
  • The child in front must always change direction sharply.
  • Groups of four or five children.
  • Groups of four or five children and when the signal is given, the one in the back sprints to the front and then leads the rest.
  • There are all kinds of obstacles in the field, such as mats, hoops and pilons.
  • The trainer leads the way along these obstacles, the children follow him.
  • Variation
    • The children run in pairs along these obstacles.
    • They run  backwards.
    • They run while taking sideways steps.


To become physically as well as technically warm as preparation for the training.

Set up:

The exercise will be done with a maximum of 4 people. Of course you can put a multiple of these so that the exercise still works.

1. The players 1 start with the ball and play it to their players 2. Then they change positions.

2. Players 2 play the ball back to players 1 and also change positions.



  • You can vary the way of passing (hitting, push, flats)
  • Increase the distance between the pilons that players only has to run further.
  • Increase the distance between the pilons that players have to pass over longer distances
  • Increase both distances.
  • Increase speed.
  • Make as many successful passes as possible in time.

Points of attention:

  • Sit low for a good control.
  • Stick to the ground at ball control.
  • Play the ball on the forehand side.
  • Stand still while performing a ball control.
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