Korfball drills for all skills

  • groups of 2 at the post
  • pilon in front of the post at 8 meters = starting position
  • run up to a pilon shortly before the post 1.5 metres
  • swerve to the left or to the right
  • coach when accelerating to swerve / cat-like
  • coach when a tight ball is thrown / nose height
  • 1 player under the pole
  • 1 player in front of the pole as declarer
  • 1 player far in front of the post with a defender

  • The attacker makes a feint move in the shape of a V. 
  • The defender is put on the wrong footing. 
  • It is important that you step away on the back to get the ball 
  • The attacker throws the ball and the defender makes a distance shot when there is enough room 
  • When the defender responds to the shot threat and steps in to defend, the declarer steps out to the side and the attacker makes a through-ball 
  • There's one attacker under the post.
  • there's 1 passeer in front of the post
  • There's one attacker in front of the post.
  • the attacker runs towards the support and then towards the left or right corner of the field (in a kind of V) 
  • the defender puts full pressure on the shot. 
  • When the attacker gets the ball back, he makes a shooting threat. 
  • The support and passer step in either direction to support the attacker. 
  • The attacker makes a through-ball. 
  • There's a support and an attacker. 
  • The support throws the ball to the attacker
  • As soon as the ball is thrown, the support must immediately go after it to defend it.
  • So the intention is that they shoot as fast as possible.

The chaos game is fun for younger children, but can also be played with older children. 

  • In the chaos game the intention is that every child has a ball, and that there are 3 or 4 poles (also depending on the number of players). 
  • lined up. 
  • Each player starts at the same pole, 
  • there's a countdown and then they all start shooting, 
  • if they can score, they proceed one pole
  • if they don't score, they stay at the pole until they do.
  • You can agree in advance whether they should have been past each pole 1, 2 or 3 times depending on the level. 
  • Variation: you can use pilons to mark a circle outside which players have to shoot, 
  • they're only allowed in to catch the ball.
  • The materials below are for 4 persons (hat = pilon)


Number one;

Scoring 5 through-balls 

Number 2;

1 lap around the whole field

Number 3;

scoring 10 short chances.

Number 4;

5 penalties.

Number 5:

4 goals from 5 meters  

For each group they have to do each exercise in a certain order and then they write that order down and come to the trainer. 

  • The trainer puts a circle in the right place if an exercise is in the correct order.
  • Put a cross through it if it is wrong.

Then the group continues with a different order and do the same as above

The groups will continue until they get the code right.

  • You put pilons in a square. 
  • In the square you put a number of balls (one less than the number of players). 
  • The players run around the square and then the trainer yells YES. 
  • If the trainer says YES, the player takes a ball as quickly as possible. 
  • If you have a ball, you score 3 goals. 
  • The remaining player continues to run around the square until someone finishes shooting. 
  • 2 groups at pilons, 
  • Run to the hoop. 
  • Through the hoops and run to the pilons. 
  • Zigzag through the pilons. 
  • Finally shoot ( 2 attempts). 
  • Whoever scores 5 times first, wins
  • Place 4 posts in a square.
  • The whole group runs around the posts in a row. 
  • If the trainer shouts "yes", the person at the back of the row will run to the front of the row as quickly as possible. 
  • The children do this by sprinting.
  • Options:
    • The children follow each other around the posts in a row. 
    • The person at the front of the row can do what he wants, for example: heels to the back, sprinting, lifting knees etc. 
    • If the trainer shouts "yes", the person at the back of the queue gets to the front of the queue as soon as possible and can then choose what he wants to do. 
    • It has to be something else than running/jogging, it can be sprinting. 
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