Korfball drills for all skills


2 pawns with 3 meters in between.

Player 1 starts at 1 of the hats. Player 2 starts 3 meter from the cones, in the middle.

Player 1 goes at speed from hat 1 to hat 2.

Player 2 passes the ball to player 1 when he is almost at hat 2. Player 1 catches the ball with one hand and passes it back to player 2.

Player 1 goes back to hat 1, player 2 passes the ball back to the outside hand and player 1 passes back again.

Repeat for 1 minute and change players roles.

Player 1 stands 3-4 m from player 2.

Player 1 throws with his right hand to the right hand of player 2.Â

Player 2 does the same (right to right).

After 10 times it went well now with left to left.


Player 1 starts at 7 m, player 2 starts under the post.

Player 1 takes a pass but does not finish it. Instead, player 2 moves backwards away from the post, player 1 passes the ball to player 2 and player 2 shoots.

After this player 1 and 2 exchange roles.

Place the hats in a square with about 5 m between them.

Two players are the catchers, the rest move inside the square.

The 2 scapegoats can tap the other players with the ball. The catchers are not allowed to walk with the ball.

By throwing over the ball the taggers can tap the other players.

If you are tapped or outside the square you are finished and may leave the square.


When players are out, they belong to the taggers instead of being out of the box.

Poles in a square, hats in the middle.

2 (or more) teams at a pole, on the starting signal start shooting from 4-5 meters. when a team has made 2 goals they may take a hat and put it under their pole.

When there are no more hats in the middle they can take from other poles.

First 2 team to get 3 hats wins.


Variation in number of hats in the middle, number of hats to win, distance and number of goals.

1 attacker and 1 defender in front of the post.

Attacker starts 5-6 m from the post, attacker gets 3 goal attempts to score a goal.

If he succeeds, he switches to the passer and the defender stays. If he succeeds, the attacker becomes the defender, the passer becomes the attacker and the defender becomes the passer.


Player 1 starts at 7 m in front of the post, player 2 signals 1-2 m in front of the post.

Player 1 takes the walkthrough and moves to 7 m behind the post. Player 2 catches the ball and passes at 1-2 m behind the post.

Player 1 takes a walkthrough ball from behind the post and catches his own ball, player 2 moves to 7 m in front of the post and repeats the exercise.

  • 1 player stands at pilon 1, 
  • 1 player stands at pilon 2.
  • Person 2 chooses whether to sprint to pilon 3 or pilon 4. 
  • Person 1 stands with his back to person 2. 
  • As soon as he/she sees that person 2 has made a choice, he/she tries to tap person 2 before he/she has touched pilon 3 or 4.


  • There are 4 pilons in front of the post. 
  • 2 pilons of the same colour
  • These pilons are in a square. 
  • 1 player is under the post and 2 players are between the pilons. 
  • The 2 players between the pilons start with a light dribble towards the post.  
  • The player under the post names the colour of 1 of the 2 colours of pilons. 
  • The following actions are possible:
    1. The players run to the back 2 pilons turn around and sprint to the post and the first one takes a through ball. 
    2. The players run to the first two pilons and tap them and run back to the post and the first one takes a through ball.


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