Korfball drills for all skills


Can be performed with knees bent.


  • all players sit on one half in a circle
  • everyone has a ball
  • Keep your legs stretched on the ground
  • 1st exercise = everyone passes the ball to the left
  • 2nd exercise = everyone passes the ball to the right 
  • 3rd exercise = do the same with a pair of "medizin" balls or 1 or 2 "medizin" balls in between
  • now in planking position or in push-up position 
  • 1st exercise = everyone rolls the ball underneath them to the next player to the left
  • 2nd exercise = everyone rolls the ball underneath them to the next player to the right
  • 3rd exercise = now the ball can also be rolled to another player e.g. to the other side

  • Pilon 1
    • Tap the ground 6 times and jump up and stretch out all the way. RUN TO POST 1.
  • Post 1
    • then you take a dodgeball at post 1.

      RUN TO PAWN 2.

  • Pilon 2
    • jumping lunge 

      RUN TO POST 2.

  • Post 2
    • take a through-ball at post 2.

      Run to a pilon 

  • Pilon 3
    • 6x push-ups 

      RUN TO POST 3.

  • Post 3
    • short chance behind the post

      RUN TO PAWN 4.

  • Pilon 4
    • 6x squad 

      RUN TO POST 4.

  • Post 4
    • dodge to the other side 

      Run to PAWN 1 

  • This is repeated 5 times 
  • but change every time under the post.

! Form groups of 2 persons per post 

Each group gets three playing cards. The cards are shuffled from the front and the numbers 2 to 5 are removed from the pack. With the three playing cards the groups have to get as close as possible to 31. The value of the numbers and pictures are shown below:

  • Six = six
  • Seven = seven
  • Eight = eight
  • Nine = nine
  • Ten = ten
  • Jack = ten
  • Queen = ten
  • King = ten
  • Ace = eleven 

So nine + jack + queen = 29 points or ace + jack + queen = 31, but you can also have jack + jack + jack = 30.5

Once players have completed a series, they may exchange one of their received cards for a new one, in order to get closer to 31. The trainer will set a timer and says when to stop. The team closest to 31 wins. 


1. through-balls: five goals in a row.

2. through-balls: 5 goals in a row from behind the post.

3. Play through-balls by going for the short chance, 3 times in a row.

Initial setup

  • Two groups at the two first pilons.


  • The first in line runs to the hoop and goes through the bottom, so the hoop goes over their head, through the hoop. 
  • Then he goes through the defensive position to the second pilon and spins 4 times around it.
  • Finally, he runs to the third pilon and scores before he can run back to the first pilon and tap the next one in the row.
  • Defensive posture:
  • Back out and through the knees with your arm up. 

Distance setup:

  • Hoop at pilon 1: 5 meters.
  • Pilon 2 from the hoop: 5 meters. 
  • Pilon 3 and pilon 2: 5 meters.
  • Pawl 3 and pilon 3: 4 meters.

! Make groups of 3 and let the players divide themselves in person 1, 2 and 3. After two rounds, change one person.

  • Form groups of 3 at the post. 
  • Person 1 stands 6 meters in front of the post at the pilon, 
  • person 2 will stand 6 meters behind the post at the pilon. 
  • Person 3 stands under the post as a receiver. 
  • Person 1 starts with e.g. taking a though-ball, then goes back to the pilon. 
  • Person 2 takes a through-ball, as person 3 has caught the ball. This is how you perform all the exercises.


  • Through-ball 
  • Dodge ball right 
  • Dodge ball left 
  • Turnaround-ball past the post

Groups of 3 change 1 by 1

Groups of 4 change 2 by 2

  • At pilon 1 
    • 1 time up and down, sideways with small steps between the pilons. 
    • RUN TOWARDS POST 1 for a through-ball.
  • At pilon 2
    • 5 sit-ups. 
    • RUN TOWARDS POST 2 for a dodge ball (minimum 5 meters).
  • At pilon 3
    • again 1 time up and down between the pilons with small steps
    • RUN TOWARDS POST 3 tap the post and take a short chance.
  • If you have 5 points, you can change, only the shot counts for 2. (From post 3 to pilon 1 an interval for seniors with running  at slow pace and sprinting.)

  • Taking through-balls. 
  • Passingis well ahead. 
  • One time the passer does nothing. 
  • The other time it tries to block.

    Attention: The penalty taker stays calm and remembers to fully extend...

  • Red plays the ball to white and runs through.
  • White plays the ball immediately becomes receiver.
  • Red runs to the spot of white and white plays the ball to blue etc,