Korfball drills for all skills


Everyone stands in a circle. One person is the loafer and stands in the circle. Everyone is going to throw the ball over, but the dummy has to try to take the ball away from him. The person with the ball can do this by intercepting the ball or by tapping the person who is holding the ball. When the lummel has taken the ball away, the lummel changes to the next player.


target-practice3 men per basket. Player A starts as shooter at the first pawn. Player B starts to pass with the ball under the basket. Player C starts as catcher under the basket. Player A runs with fast movements around all the pawns. At the last pawn player A stops and gets ready to shoot. The passer (player B) throws the ball and the shooter (player A) shoots. Player C catches the ball. The passer (B) is going to shoot, and the shooter is going to catch.


catch-and-throw2 teams. Per pair 1 ball and 1 pawn. Player A stays on his spot. Player B starts with the pawn, which is about 10 meters away. Player B runs to player A. Player A throws (with 1 hand) the ball to player B. Player B keeps running until he has caught the ball and then stops. B throws the ball back and runs to the pawn to start the exercise again. after 10x change.

pass-ball-12 men per basket. Player A starts left in front of the basket with the ball. Player B starts right in front of the basket. Player B runs from her starting position in a straight line to the basket. She stretches her outer hands to show where she wants to receive the ball. Player A throws (from space) the ball to player B. Player B takes a walkthrough and catches his own ball. Player A goes to the left front, B throws to A( not to run with the ball), B goes to the right front and gets the ball back, A now takes the through ball.

defending-attacking3 men per basket. Player A starts as attacker in front of the basket. Player V starts as defender at 1,5 arm's length from the shooter. Player C starts with the ball in the box. Attacker A must try to score through the 1 on 1 duel. It does not matter how (distance, evasion, dlb). The defender's task is to follow the attacker at 1,5 arm's length and when the attacker has the ball in his hands, the defender has to close the gap. The defender is not allowed to tap or block balls. The V must show that she is with the attacker, but must allow the shot. This can be done by the defender placing her hand just above the shoulder of the attacker. After 1 minute, the V has to change position.

Complete team: One person is the ticker, and must tick off everyone. The other people have 2 balls at their disposal which they can pass around. You are not allowed to be tapped when you have the ball in your hands. So if the ticker is running to someone, you have to throw the ball to this player. Of course you are not allowed to hold on to the ball endlessly.


You make a square, in it stands an attacker, the attacker must keep moving in the square while a defender walks by. 1 person always plays the ball. The defender looks at the ball and tries to catch it. Every time the attacker catches the ball, someone else comes into the box. When the defender catches the ball, he throws it back and you try again.

The children make a walk-through ball in front of the basket and a walk-through ball behind the basket. If they both hit the hoop, they have three points. The first player to get three points wins.


Place a number of cones/caps 2 to 3 metres apart. Make two rows of cones and divide the team into two groups.

The exercise is quite simple. Two pawns spinning and one pawn in defensive position back. Then repeat the exercise again, so two pawns forward and one pawn back.


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