Korfball drills for all skills

  • Make pairs with a ball. 
  • Keep the hands up with the ball positioned between the hands of the two people, 
  • Ball is clamped by the two of them. 
  • The pair puts tension on their calves.
  • The knee is held high, the calf of the other leg remains under tension, switch knees and keep switching. 
  • Until the trainer says that you can start a sprint. 
  • The players turn around and sprint to the end of the field.

  • Someone has two colour pilons in his hands.
  • The same two colour pilons are to be found on the floor.
  • 1 person walks in a straight line to the person holding the two pilons. 
  • The person that's holding the pilons, keeps them behind their back. 
  • Whenever the the person comes close, he/she shows 1 of the pilons. 
  • The colour that's been shown, is the colour to where the person has to sprint.