Korfball drills for all skills



  • Earn a point by catching the ball over the line.


  • A party starts from behind the line with the ball.
  • Intercepted ball is ball first to your own line and then to the other side for a point.
  • Balls out count.
  • When a point is gained, the opponent gets the ball from there.

Points of attention:

  • For defending.
  • Play on the side by moving on one leg.
  • Play at tempo.
  • Watch each other and your opponents place.

  • Play with a three or four around the pole.
  • Play everything with one hand.
  • With pairs about 2 meters apart.
  • One player runs from left to right.
  • 3 Metres past the receiver, she catches the ball with 1 hand and plays it back with 1 hand. (25x)
  • Now with opponent.
  • The caught ball is moved to the inner hand and you step along so that your body comes between the ball and the defender.
  • Then you throw back the ball. (25x)
  • Work in pairs.
  • You make an evasive move after playing the ball in, then place the ball back in and evade to the same side once more.
  • This is important in connection with clarity for the declarant.
    • Score 5x left swerve.
    • Score 5x right swerve.

  • 1 attacker keeps shooting while keeping the balloon high (so it doesn't hit the ground)
  • The catcher catches and throws the ball.
  • Divide the team into equal groups of 3 at most
  • As many poles as groups
  • Everyone can defend everyone
  • Can score on any pole
  • Divide the team in groups of 2, max 3
  • Each group starts on its own pole
  • Per pole you score X number of goals
  • Finished? Then move on to another pole (may be random, may be in order)
  • Finally score X number of goals on your own pole.
  • Who is the first to score on all the poles wins.
  • Which 4 team is first to score 3x.
    • Other players shoot a threesome. (to max 10x scoring)
  • With pairs shoot from distance 3x scoring pp.
  • Open game as attacker you may only shoot when you haven't played in the ball.
  • Which team will be first to score 3x.
    • Other players shoot a threesome. (to max 10x scoring)
  • With pairs shoot from distance 3x scoring pp.
  • 2 designated people may only shoot from the support position, the other two may shoot if there is a catch.
    • Other players shoot a threesome. (till max 10x scoring)
  • Pairs of players shoot from a distance 3x points pp.
  • Now only distance shots are allowed.
  • Divide into groups of 2 or 3 players.
  • Per group an X number of pawns in the middle. (for example 2)
  • Players do an assignment.
  • It doesn't matter what the task is, it can be a shot from 4 meters, it can be a penalty throw, etc.
  • When there are X amount of goals, the group can take a pawn from the middle.
  • No pawns left in the middle?
  • Then you may take them to another group.
  • The first group to get X number of pawns wins.
  • This must be more than the number of pawns per group in the middle!
  • (If each group has 2 pawns in the middle, the number of pawns to win must be 3 or more)
  • Make groups of 2/3 players.
  • 1 Jenga tower is placed in the middle of the poles.
  • You are going to work through a list of exercises.
  • For each exercise all groups get 1 minute to score as many goals as possible.
  • The number of goals determines the order for pulling a stone from the Jenga tower.
  • Most goals starts.
  • In case of equal number of goals stone, paper, scissors.
  • The team that knocks over the tower in any way is the loser.
  • This also applies if a ball rolls against it!