Korfball drills for all skills



  • Which pair is first at x number of shots.


  • Each pair has 1 ball and takes turns shooting.
  • All teams start shooting at the same time.
  • Teams keep track of the number of goals they have scored.
  • Each team makes the same prearranged shots.


  • The game starts with each team having to score 2 goals.
  • The first team to do so calls to the trainer.
  • The coach stops the game.
  • Everyone who has 2 goals at that moment, goes for the next round for 3 goals.
  • All teams who have not scored 2 goals yet, start again with 2 goals.
  • Now the teams have different goals.
  • In the next round, each team must score one more goal than they scored in the previous round.
  • This continues until one team has scored 10 goals.
  • 1 pole with a pawn or ball on each side at 2 meters.
  • When using pawns, the ball is at the first pawn and the player takes it to the next pawn and puts it back there.
  • When using balls, the player puts the ball back at the original spot before going to the next pawn.
  • Player starts at 5 meter before the basket, on start signal player sprints to the first pawn/ball.
  • Player jumps back and forth as high as possible over the pawn/ball, catches the ball and scores from 2m.
  • If the goal is missed the player jumps back and forth over the ball again and scores.
  • If the goal is hit go to the next ball/pawn and repeat until the player has had all sides of the post.
  • Can make it a competition in various ways, increase the distance from 2m to 3 or 4m, instead of jumping left-right to front-back.
  • Original exercise is from Korfbalfit.
  • Posts in a square
  • One forward per pole
  • Other players take through balls from the middle.
  • Instead of completing the walkthrough, the player who came up to the post pulls away for a short distance.
  • The player who came up to the goal runs through, takes off one more time, gets the ball and shoots.
  • Change after every shot.
  • Divide the group in two.
  • Place the poles so that from the middle it is about 5 meters to each pole.
  • One part of the group starts under a pole in the catch.
  • The rest of the group starts in the middle, backs close to each other.
  • Goal is to score on each pole.
  • If you score on a pole you tap someone else and switch places.
  • Until the player has scored on all posts.
  • Hip and thigh stretch
    • Sit on the left knee and put the right foot in front on that ground. (bend less than 90 degrees)
    • Bring the torso forward and bend the right knee so that it slides towards the toes.
    • Keeping the torso neutral, press the right hip forward and down so you feel stretch in the front of the thigh.
    • Raise your arms and keep the shoulders relaxed.
    • Arms down and hips back.
    • Extend the right leg and bring your body forward.
    • Put your hands on the floor next to the leg.
    • Stay like this for 10 seconds.
    • Do this 5 times for each leg.
  • Twisting lower back stretch
    • Lie on back and pull knees up, hands wide at shoulder height with palm facing down.
    • Slowly turn your knees to the right.
    • Return to the start position and then to the left.
    • 5x on each side.
    • You can also do this with one leg straight and lower the knee of the other leg over it. (is heavier)
  • Gluteal stretch
    • Lie on your back, bend the left leg and cross the right ankle over the left knee.
    • Grab the back of the left thigh by the knee with your hands and gently pull the leg towards the right shoulder.
    • Hold for 30 seconds, relax and repeat.
    • Same, but for the other gluteal muscle.
  • Lower abs, hip flexors and leg extensors
    • Lie on your back with legs bent and press your back against the floor.
    • Support with arms beside the body and press them firmly to the ground.
    • Now stretch both legs straight forward until the heels are about 10 cm above the ground.
    • Bend the legs again and bring them back to the starting position.
    • Do this 8 times.
  • Standing knee to chest stretch
    • Stand on one leg and raise the knee of the other leg.
    • Grasp the knee and pull it to your chest, then spring up with the other leg.
    • Now switch legs.
    • Each leg 10 times.

  • Medicine ball throw (6 people)
    • Stand up straight and hold the ball behind your head.
    • Raise the ball above your head and throw it to your teammate.
    • He/she brings the ball behind their head and throws it, back above their head and throws it to you again.
    • Do this 20 times each.
  • Push-up from a bench (5 people)
    • Support with your hands on the bench.
    • Feet on the floor.
    • Push up 10x.
  • Sit-up with the medicine ball (6 people)
    • Lie on your back with legs bent and feet firmly on the floor.
    • Ball on the floor above the head.
    • Bring the arms forward and come up. (tighten the abdominal muscles)
    • Throw the ball to the other player.
    • Catch the ball and lower yourself down.
    • 20x.
  • Push-up (variation) (5 people)
    • Stand up straight, breathe in and pull the navel in.
    • Exhale and roll down vertebra by vertebra until hands touch the ground.
    • Walk forward until the hands are under the shoulders.
    • Inhale and contract the abdominal muscles.
    • Squeeze the buttocks and legs together and extend the heels back.
    • Walk with the feet towards the hands and come up.
    • Then come back down from point 1.
    • Do this 10 times.


  • Attack:
    • Try to score as much as possible on baskets.
  • Defense:
    • Try to prevent as many scoring opportunities as possible without getting sidelined.


  • Attack:
    • After each goal attempt, return to the starting pawn.
    • It is not allowed to shoot defensively.
  • Defence:
    • If you cause a penalty throw (indicated by the declarer), you get one point in your rounds as attacker.

Stretching the tendons

    • Place the feet side by side and extend the arms forward to stay balanced.
    • Keep feet firmly on the ground and curl toes forward.
    • Tense the abdominal muscles and squat down.
    • Keep heels on the ground and chest upright as much as possible.
    • Lean forward as little as possible.
    • Exhale and come back up.
    • Keep the whole foot on the ground as you come up.
    • This tightens the leg muscles.
    • Do this 5 times.


    • Pull left knee to chest and extend right leg and hold that leg 15 cm above the floor.
    • Put your left hand on your ankle and your right hand on the inside of the knee.
    • Switch legs and hands twice.
    • Do this 5 times.

Standing Crunch

    • Stand upright with left leg in front of right leg.
    • Raise your hands.
    • Shift weight onto left foot and lift right knee up to hip level.
    • At the same time, stand with left foot on toes and bring elbows down the side.
    • Make your hands into fists.
    • Stop at the highest point, hold for 2 seconds and return to the starting position.
    • Do this 10 times with each leg.

Sit-up and/or sit-up with twist

    • Start on your back with your legs bent and your feet flat on the floor and put your hands on your neck.
    • Tighten the abdominal muscles and bring the torso up towards the knees. (Almost sitting up)
    • Lower yourself down again.
    • In the sit-up with twist, your left elbow goes to the right knee and vice versa.
    • Do this 20 times.

Leg raises C24

    • Lie on your back with arms along the side of your body and legs extended just above the floor.
    • Raise both legs to about 90.
    • Lower the legs to just above the ground.
    • Do this 25 times.

Reverse plank

    • Sit down with your legs stretched out in front of you and your arms straight behind you.
    • Fingers pointing forward.
    • Press the hands against the floor and bring hips and buttocks up until the body forms a straight line from the shoulders.
    • Raise one leg and hold for 30 seconds.
    • Switch legs.

C14: Short Scissor Crunch

    • Lie on your back and let your legs hang about 10 cm above the ground.
    • Hands are just below the buttocks.
    • Move your legs up and down quickly for about 20-30 cm without touching the ground.
    • At the same time, lift your upper body.
    • Do this with the scissor movement.
    • For example, scissor up 2 times and scissor down 2 times.
    • Do this for 30 seconds.

Mountain climb F4

    • Start in the push-up position. (plank on hands)
    • Come with 1 leg forward, with the knee as close to the chest as possible.
    • Then return to starting position.
    • Then the other leg.
    • Do this with each leg 5 times.