Korfball drills for all skills

  • Keep moving and make sure the pass comes from the space.
  • There is always room for a break-through or a shot.
  • The third player takes care of the catch and plays the ball again.
  • Make sure you are always on the move and keep space for your teammates
  • There is always one of the 4 (diagonal to the ball) who sinks to the post to be able to catch a shot
  • Try to get each other in a shooting position at a maximum of 6 metres, or indicate from the space that you want to break through because the opponent is biting.
  • The declarers give the ball to the shooter.
  • The shooter shoots.
  • As soon as the ball is loose, the next ball comes.
  • After 3/5 scores switch with 1 declarator.
  • All three score 3x3.
  • Shooting with pairs from a distance.
  • After each goal the shout 'yes' and everyone changes basket and function.
  • We turn clockwise as seen from the shooter.
  • Which pair has scored twice at all poles first?
  • The first score counts.
  • Is your shot on the way and falls through the basket you have bad luck.
  • In the 1:1 you try to score 2x in 1 minute.
  • The defender makes choices which ball she defends.
  • The attacker and the passer play this out together.
  • attack, defend and pass each 3x 1 minute.
  • You have 2 teams and you have to play together to get the ball into the opponent's box.
  • Your opponents can cover you but they can also intercept
  • If this happens, the other team may attack and try to get the ball into the other team's box
  • Walk through the rope ladder
  • 2 feet in ladder (back straight, knees lifted high + arm support)
  • 2 feet in the ladder, 2 feet beside and then forward again 2 feet in the ladder with squat when feet are outside the ladder
  • The ali shuffle 1 foot in the ladder 1 foot outside the ladder and turn hip, then change other foot in and outside the ladder (with jump)
  • Sideways hop, in and out the ladder.
  • Sprint along the ladder with short steps and arm support
  • Create with 2 or 3 teams 100 goals
    • 40 through balls
    • 25 penalty throws
    • 15 dodge balls
    • 20 distance shots
  • Lady under the post throws out
    • Receiver of the ball shoots,
    • The ball that is caught goes back to the shooter,
    • The other lady comes in sight of the ball carrier and gets the ball.
    • She shoots.
  • Then she receives the ball back and the first lady comes in sight of the receiver and shoots.
  • After 10 shots, there is a change of function.
  • Each player comes 3x under the post.
  • Which trio scores more than 15 times