Korfball drills for all skills

  • Set up six baskets in two lines of three.
  • Under each basket, a fixed declarer.
  • The other players stand on the sideline across the first line of baskets.
  • The other players take a walk-through ball on the side of the first three baskets.
  • Followed by a ball in front of, behind and in front of the basket on the next baskets. (See diagram).
  • Then all players do the same round, reversed and back again, after which they exchange players and do another round back and forth.

  • Under the post, the ball is played to the outside,
  • The other lady runs away from the ball carrier and gets a deep ball, the pole lady connects, gets the ball and shoots.
  • The first lady catches the ball and plays it back to the shooter who places the ball deep again, etc.
  • Which team will score first 3 times
  • Start with 2 attackers 1 defender
  • Attackers will throw over and the defender must try to intercept the ball
  • When the attackers have passed the ball 7 times a defender comes on
  • Then it is 2 against 2
  • If the attackers have passed the ball again 7 times, another defender comes on
  • If the defenders have intercepted 3 times, an attacker is added.
  • Shoot with a pair at the basket between 3 and 5 metres.
  • Change function after 5 shots
  • Score 15 times
  • Idem but now the ball is deliberately placed about 0.5 meter next to the body.
  • Run/jump into the ball
  • Scoring 10x
  • Indicator stands next to the post.
  • Taker and defender at about 8 metres.
  • As soon as the player takes off, the defender follows and tries to defend.
  • The attacker passes the ball and the ball is passed to the defender.
  • Change function every time.
  • Score 20 times.
  • By twos.
  • Stand about 7 metres apart.
  • Pass the ball to each other from left to right and vice versa.
  • Catch and throw with 1 hand.
  • Who do that 10 times without the ball falling.
  • 4 defenders stand at the post and look at their opponent who stands at a hat. (Hats in the corners of the box)
  • From the centre line, the ball is placed in a corner.
  • The foursome in the corners try to score as quickly as possible and use the (temporary) overtal situation.
  • The defender of the player who gets the ball makes a circle from the basket before he may defend.
  • The three other defenders try to prevent scoring.
  • Be careful not to infringe, as there is always a lady free. (This exercise is about insight and overview).
  • Player 1 in front of the basket runs 2 metres out and receives the ball
  • Player 2 runs out from under the basket
  • Player 1 plays the ball back to player 2
  • Player 1 takes the walkthrough ball
  • 5 times through the rope ladder, starting calmly and increasing your speed slightly each time, so that the 5th time is at full speed
    • Walk through with two feet in the ladder
    • 2 feet inside the ladder/ two feet outside the ladder with knee in angle of 90 degrees
    • Left 2 times hopping from left to side, to the middle, then 2 times right hopping to the right side and right back in
    • Sideways 2 feet in and two out
    • 2 forward, 1 backward, 2 forward etc.
  • Pass ball after zigzag movement through hats
    • 15x scoring
  • Distance shot from 5 meter
    • 5x scoring per person