Korfball drills for all skills

  • With 3 or 4 combine in a room.
  • Everything with 1 hand.
  • Try to throw and catch with both left and right.
  • Keep moving in a steady pace.
  • After 5 minutes, repeat the exercise with a passive opponent

Work with 3 teams

  • Score 10 dodge balls after a move to the left.
  • Score 10 dodge balls after a move to the right.
  • Score 20 distance shots >/ 7 meter.
  • Score 10 dodge balls with full sprint.
  • Score 10 walk-throughs with running defender.
  • Score 10 penalty shots without missing.
  • Play in 1:1 with a defender.
  • The defender goes for it and tries to defend everything.
  • As attacker, create 3 chances and make the most of them.
  • Every player is 2x attacker/defender/forward.
  • Posts in a square.
  • One forward per pole.
  • Other players take a walkthrough from the centre.
  • Instead of finishing walk-through ball, pulls away behind the post and shoots.
  • Change after each shot.
  • Posts in a square.
  • One player per pole.
  • Other players take evasive balls from the centre.
  • Every time after a shot, return to the middle.
  • Swap after X number of goals, X number of goals in a series or by switching.


  • Which pair is first at x number of shots.


  • Each pair has 1 ball and takes turns shooting.
  • All teams start shooting at the same time.
  • Teams keep track of the number of goals they have scored.
  • Each team makes the same prearranged shots.


  • The game starts with each team having to score 2 goals.
  • The first team to do so calls to the trainer.
  • The coach stops the game.
  • Everyone who has 2 goals at that moment, goes for the next round for 3 goals.
  • All teams who have not scored 2 goals yet, start again with 2 goals.
  • Now the teams have different goals.
  • In the next round, each team must score one more goal than they scored in the previous round.
  • This continues until one team has scored 10 goals.
  • 1 pole with a pawn or ball on each side at 2 meters.
  • When using pawns, the ball is at the first pawn and the player takes it to the next pawn and puts it back there.
  • When using balls, the player puts the ball back at the original spot before going to the next pawn.
  • Player starts at 5 meter before the basket, on start signal player sprints to the first pawn/ball.
  • Player jumps back and forth as high as possible over the pawn/ball, catches the ball and scores from 2m.
  • If the goal is missed the player jumps back and forth over the ball again and scores.
  • If the goal is hit go to the next ball/pawn and repeat until the player has had all sides of the post.
  • Can make it a competition in various ways, increase the distance from 2m to 3 or 4m, instead of jumping left-right to front-back.
  • Original exercise is from Korfbalfit.
  • Posts in a square
  • One forward per pole
  • Other players take through balls from the middle.
  • Instead of completing the walkthrough, the player who came up to the post pulls away for a short distance.
  • The player who came up to the goal runs through, takes off one more time, gets the ball and shoots.
  • Change after every shot.
  • Divide the group in two.
  • Place the poles so that from the middle it is about 5 meters to each pole.
  • One part of the group starts under a pole in the catch.
  • The rest of the group starts in the middle, backs close to each other.
  • Goal is to score on each pole.
  • If you score on a pole you tap someone else and switch places.
  • Until the player has scored on all posts.
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