Korfball drills for all skills

  • Variant on shot movement triangle
    • Instead of a shot
    • Start rebounding away for a short chance
    • Front player remains in play-off position
    • Indicates position of rebound (1/5)
  • Variant 2:
    • Frontline player runs one back (space)
    • Ball diagonal and throwing player comes next to it
  • Per pair both score 2 times on 4/5 meter then to the next pole (can overtake each other).
    • Team that is first back to their own basket wins.
  • Idem db 4 per person (PP)
  • Idem 4 dots pp, wrong is start counting again at 0
  • Shot pp from pylon (distance), score 3, is get pylon in the middle.
    • Are they gone, you may take them away from another, until you have 5 as a pole.
  • Player 1 starts at a few meters from the basket to start a distance shot.
  • The ball is caught by player 2 and player 1 makes a run through.
  • The ball is caught again and player 1 makes a short chance from behind the basket.
  • If none of these 3 chances are seated, the player must do it again.
  • If one of the 3 chances is placed, the next player may try again.
  • Players stand in a circle with a ball each
  • In the middle lies a ball. (large ball)
  • Try to hit the ball.
  • You may keep the ball in the circle using your feet


  • Jump where you stand:
    • Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart.
    • Focus on a point on the floor and hop up and down where you are standing.
  • Side Jump:
    • Stand up straight, keeping your hands in front of you, and jump from side to side.
  • Butt Kicks:
    • Stand up straight, and keep running standing in place while shooting your heel up touching your buttocks with each step.
  • High Stepping:
    • Raise the leg with the knee at a 90-degree angle.
    • Alternate quickly with the other leg.
  • Standing bike crunches:
    • Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart.
    • Bring your knee to your opposite elbow.
    • Return to starting position and repeat with the other side (abdomen/legs).
  • Sumo squat:
    • Stand with feet 6-12 inches apart.
    • Extend arms in front of you.
    • Lower your body until your thighs are parallel to the floor.
    • Return to starting position and repeat (legs / buttocks)
  • Jumping rope without a rope:
    • Hold your arms at your side as if you were holding the end of a jump rope in each hand.
    • Jump up and come down on the ball of each foot, alternating between twisting your wrists as if you were spinning a rope.
  • Jumpingrope without a rope:
    • Keeping your arms at your sides, pretend you are holding the end of a jump rope in each hand.
    • Jump up with 2 feet, while simultaneously twisting your wrists as if you were twirling a rope.
  • Arm Swings clockwise:
    • Stand on the floor with your arms extended straight out to the sides at shoulder height.
    • Move your arms rapidly in a clockwise motion in large circles (arms)
  • Arm Swings counterclockwise:
    • Stand on the ground with arms extended straight out to the side at shoulder height.
    • Move your arms quickly in large counterclockwise circles (arms)
  • Toy soldiers:
    • Start with feet shoulder-width apart. Keep your legs and arms extended.
    • Kick your left leg up until your right hand touches your toes.
    • Repeat with the other side (stomach/legs/arm/shoulder).



Moving with ball

  • Hold the ball in front of you and walk / heels - buttocks / lift the knee
  • Hold the ball above your head and slide / cross pass
  • Holding the ball in front of you, take a big step forward and sink your knees to an angle of about 90°. (Lunges)
  • Place a flag in the middle of a circle.
  • Provide the circle with pawns spaced every 75-100 cm, depending on the level of the player/players.
  • See also:
  • Distribute the players around the circle between the cones;
    • Start by 'jogging'between the cones (snake movement);
    • Arms take turns (warming up)
    • At the signal of the trainer ( whistle) short sprint to the flag in the middle and back again;
    • 2x whistle sprint to the outside
  • Next exercise :
    • Zig-Zag (left to right) between the cones,
    • Run sideways outside, and make rainbows (knee up) with the left foot over every cone
    • Run sideways (inside) and make rainbows (knee up) over each cone (with right foot);
    • Short dribble with the feet forwards and backwards between the cones, but keep on turning.

  • Two players per basket.
  • At five metres in front of the basket stands an attacker, who shoots 3x at the basket, each goal is two points.
  • Underneath the basket is a rebounder.
  • The rebounder under the basket must catch the ball within one bounce, otherwise one point is deducted from the total score.
  • After three shots the rebounder becomes shooter and the shooter becomes rebounder.
  • Which team will have 15 points first?
  • Set up six baskets.
  • Under each basket, a regular player with the ball, the other players at the centre spot.

  1. Other players make two through balls on each basket. After the round, change leaders, then another round.
  2. On each basket, make one fly ball to the left. After the round, change helpers, then another round.
  3. On each basket, make one fly ball to the right. After the round, switch players, then another round.
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