Korfball drills for all skills

  • 3 attackers against 2 defenders.
  • Attack within a radius of about five metres around the basket.
  • All attackers may shoot.
  • The defenders must try to score as few goals as possible.
  • 5 x 1 minute. After each minute turn around.
  • If the number is right, you can specifically train zone defence during the game: Zone defending.
  • The defenders let go of their opponents as soon as they get further than about six metres from the post.
  • The defender then has only one task: intercepting the ball by grabbing the rebound.
  • This also includes letting the attacker shoot from distance.
  • After all, if they do not shoot, they cannot catch the ball.
  • Instruct certain attackers to give more pressure than others.
  • The art of collective backfield defending is to give the pure shooters so much pressure that they prefer to leave the shot to a teammate who is as free as a bird (but who is deliberately left free by the defence because it is known that he 'can't shoot anyway').
  • Foursome per basket
  • Attacker, catcher, shooter, worker
  • Ball starts at the declarator, plays the ball to the worker, who stands left in front of the basket near a pawn, shooter starts right in front of the basket but runs out to the pawn to the right, receives the ball and shoots.
  • Changeover shooter --> receiver --> handler --> worker --> shooter
  • In pairs, carry the ball across the field by throwing it into the run of the other player.
  • Variation with 1 defender, with 2 defenders.
  • At least 2 people at the basket.
  • Run as fast as you can around the hall and back to the basket.
  • When you are all at the basket again, you can start shooting.
  • Short chance under the basket. Alternate shooting, one shoots, the other catches.
  • The first to score 20.
  • 4 different coloured pawns around the basket,
  • One stands in front of a pawn, the other stands under the basket with a ball.
  • The leader calls out the colours in order, then you have to run in that order and shoot at the last colour.
  • If you score first you get 1 point. Who is the first to get 5 points?
  • Then change.
  • You make 2 teams and you play with them butter cheese and eggs.
  • You have to put a ribbon with your color on the caps who has three in a row first wins.
  • If you are out of ribbons you can move your own color.

  • The exercise is in pairs.
  • Attacker picks out a line from where he thinks he will score the most goals.
  • He always takes his shots from this line.
  • After a shot, he runs from the line to another line about 45 degrees away.
  • After the rebounder takes the ball, the attacker may immediately return to his own chosen line.
  • Ball caught = immediately back.
  • Who will score the most goals in a minute and a half?
  • 2 persons with ball on the ground and
  • 1 attacker
  • 2 persons follow instructions head shoulder knee head toe ball,
    • as soon as the word ball arrives, both players go for the ball as fast as possible.
  • The fastest is the attacker and passes to the support and goes after it for the pass ball.
  • The other is going to defend
  • 3 baskets
  • 1 attacker
  • 2 defenders
  • And per basket one attacker with ball
  • Score as many goals as possible within 1 minute