Korfball drills for all skills

  • Team of two with ball, sitting opposite each other on the mat
  • Person A holds ball above head with both hands and moves to supine position while tapping the ground with ball backwards with outstretched arms
  • Person A moves to sitting position and hands the ball to person B
  • Person B goes to the supine position and taps the ground with the ball backwards
  • and so on

  • 2 players face each other in the plank stance and give a hand slap.
  • First both right hand then left etc.
  • Each time 1 min and then 30 sec rest.
  • One minute walk,
    • then 20 lunches,
    • 10 left and 10 right
  • One minute walk,
    • then 20 squads
  • 1 minute walk,
    • then 10 burpees
  • 1 minute walk
    • then 1 minute of planking
  • last minute walking speed up the pace.
  • Take 3 at a time.
  • Ask attention for technique.
    • doorlopers
    • Shot from a distance that you can shoot well
    • Dodgers (tapping the basket)
    • Penalty throw
  • 3 score is change:
  • Only the winner stays.
    • Thoroughbreds
    • Shot from a distance that everyone can reach
    • Dodgers
    • Penalty throw
  • Players stand in pairs, briefly facing each other.
  • On the ground between the two players lies a ball.
  • The trainer gives the commands:
    • Head,
    • chin,
    • knees,
    • feet,
    • ears,
    • BAL!
  • At the command BAL, the players must try to get the ball as quickly as possible.
  • At the other commands, they tap on the corresponding body part.
  • Formation 2 on the line, 1 left 1 right in the field.
  • Release ball whereby 2 on the line go towards the basket and left and right on the line pick up the ball.
  • Long ball and score

At the sound of the whistle the players have to do a task.


  • When the whistle blows, each called number of players must stand at a hoop or ball.
  • The last one to arrive and not finding a group to stand with does a small exercise.
  • Small exercises:
    • 5x pumps,
    • 10x stretch jump,
    • 5x sit-up,
    • ...


  • At the whistle do the exercise, individually.
  • Like what?
    • jump up,
    • go through the knees,
    • make a dash,
    • Give each other a high five,
    • ...

Picking cones:

Per x number at 1 pole.

  • After scoring twice in a row a pot may be taken from the pile.
  • When there are no more pots left, they may be stolen from other piles.
  • The exercise stops after a certain time or when 1 pole remains.