Korfball drills for all skills

  • Play freely but see practice back.
  • 3 x interceptions change
    • score interception off
  • Start from a standing position with your feet together and hold the medicine ball close to your chest.
  • Step out with one of your feet until the knee is at a 90° angle
  • You should now have a gap between your legs through which the ball can pass
  • Pass the ball through your legs into your other hand
  • Depending on the length of your arms, you may have to bend forwards slightly to do this
  • Return to the starting position and repeat the exercise with the other leg. Repeat 5 - 15 times per leg and gradually build up the strength.
    • Muscle group: buttocks and legs
    • Intensity: low/average
    • Duration: 3 - 6 minutes


  • Stand with the front of your feet on an elevation (such as a step) and lower your heels as far as possible so your calves are properly stretched.
  • Now slowly stand on your toes. All the weight is now resting on your toes and you can feel your calves contracting.
  • Slowly lower yourself back to the starting position.
  • Doing this exercise slowly will work your muscles more effectively--you won't get the same effect by jumping up and down at a fast pace.
  • Check yourself by keeping track of time; each repetition should last no less than 6 seconds total.
  • Repeat this exercise as many times as you can. Twenty reps is fine to start with.
  • The basic squat.
    • Place your feet hip-width apart and keep your feet on the ground.
    • Slowly lower yourself as far as you can by bending your knees--keep your back as straight as possible and keep looking forward.
    • Come back up to the starting position. Begin with 3 sets of 10 squats.
  • Squats with weights.
    • Place your feet hip-width apart and place two handbells on the floor between your feet (start with 2.5kg - 4kg, depending on what you can handle).
    • Kneel down as you would for the basic squat and grasp the weights.
    • Then stand with the weights in your hands and let them hang by your sides.
    • Lower yourself back down.
    • Repeat. Do 3 sets of 5 repetitions.
  • Jump up from the squat.
    • Stand with your feet hip-width apart and bend your knees until your thighs are parallel to the ground (no deeper). Instead of coming up slowly, jump up with force from the kneeling position and try to turn 180 degrees.
    • As you land, sink through your knees again into a squat position--spring with the movement and try not to land straight up.
    • Repeat and keep changing directions while jumping so you don't get dizzy (so turn right the first time and left on the next jump, and so on). Start with 3 sets of 5.squads-jump-strength-

Skipping Ropes. It seems almost too obvious to be true, but regular rope jumping exercises the muscles you need for a vertical jump. To do this, use a hard surface with plenty of room for the rope in all directions. Try to exercise for 15 to 20 minutes a day.

  • Do not jump with one, but with two feet at the same time.
  • Train to jump faster and faster. Start slowly with a hop between each jump to keep your balance. When you notice that you are getting better at rope jumping, drop the hop and spin the rope faster.
  • If you want to do something other than jumping rope, try running up and down stairs. This is a similar workout and exercises many of the same muscles.
  • At each basket 3 attackers and 3 defenders
  • Keep an ideal triangle
  • You may only be out of square for 3 seconds
    • Move inside every time
    • Pressure
      • Defenders run along
      • Defenders use their arms
      • Defenders full pressure
  • Scoring change function
  • At the basket with the ball
  • One player at each hat
  • Both players at the hatband walk towards each other
  • The attacker goes inside
  • Defender reacts and tries to defend
    • Pressure first, allowing the attacker to cross in front of him
    • Defender tries to get in between
    • Defender tries to tackle
  • Variation. Service player pulls away for a shot. Defender also tries to defend the shot.
  • Goal: good cut-off, calm finish


  • 2/1 Running after passing (shooting to score, not because you are free)
  • A small square around the basket. In this square, two players must attack and pass continuously. After each pass the player is in motion.
  • 3/1 idem
  • 3/1 Crossing after passing.
  • After each pass, the thrower crosses with the player who did not receive the ball, so they change positions.
  • 3/1 Same as above but make sure that, as soon as you receive the ball, you are ready to shoot. If you are in a good position and have caught the ball well, you may shoot.
  • 3/2 Shoot, move and cross.
  • 3/3 Shoot, move and cross.
  • 3/3 Shoot, move and cross with a pass.
  • Make sure there is a pass in front of the basket so there is a possibility to shoot.
  • 4/4 All of the above actions but now with a good rebound, but this one does not stay in position.


Exercises are performed 2x

  • Jog
  • Rotate your hip
  • Rotate hip
  • Zigzag partner (sideways around each other)
  • Air Duel (sideways up against each other)
  • High Knee Lift
  • Zigzag
  • Final sprint (2 pawns forwards, 1 pawn backwards)

After these exercises we will continue with shooting.