Korfball drills for all skills

  • At each basket 3 attackers and 3 defenders
  • Keep an ideal triangle
  • You may only be out of square for 3 seconds
    • Move inside every time
    • Pressure
      • Defenders run along
      • Defenders use their arms
      • Defenders full pressure
  • Scoring change function
  • At the basket with the ball
  • One player at each hat
  • Both players at the hatband walk towards each other
  • The attacker goes inside
  • Defender reacts and tries to defend
    • Pressure first, allowing the attacker to cross in front of him
    • Defender tries to get in between
    • Defender tries to tackle
  • Variation. Service player pulls away for a shot. Defender also tries to defend the shot.
  • Goal: good cut-off, calm finish


  • 2/1 Running after passing (shooting to score, not because you are free)
  • A small square around the basket. In this square, two players must attack and pass continuously. After each pass the player is in motion.
  • 3/1 idem
  • 3/1 Crossing after passing.
  • After each pass, the thrower crosses with the player who did not receive the ball, so they change positions.
  • 3/1 Same as above but make sure that, as soon as you receive the ball, you are ready to shoot. If you are in a good position and have caught the ball well, you may shoot.
  • 3/2 Shoot, move and cross.
  • 3/3 Shoot, move and cross.
  • 3/3 Shoot, move and cross with a pass.
  • Make sure there is a pass in front of the basket so there is a possibility to shoot.
  • 4/4 All of the above actions but now with a good rebound, but this one does not stay in position.

Exercises are performed 2x

  • Jog
  • Rotate your hip
  • Rotate hip
  • Zigzag partner (sideways around each other)
  • Air Duel (sideways up against each other)
  • High Knee Lift
  • Zigzag
  • Final sprint (2 pawns forwards, 1 pawn backwards)

After these exercises we will continue with shooting.

  • 4 corrals in a square, four players start from the middle to score: - 10 walkthroughs
  • 10 walkthroughs
  • 8 neighbourhood balls
  • 10 passing balls with ball (indicated from the basket)
  • 8 dribbles (indicated from the basket)
  • 10 dribbles (the players start with the ball in their hands and when they reach the middle, they throw the ball to the basket where they are going to)
  • 8 dodge balls (players start with ball in their hands and when they reach the centre throw the ball to the basket they are going to)
  • Two players per post.
  • 1 player in front of the basket at 7 meters.
  • there is a change of function when the shooter scores 2 times
  • The players stand on their toes and then tap the ground with their heels.
  • They repeat this 30 times, doing this exercise twice.
  • The ball is in front of the basket.
  • The player at the pylon throws the ball to the basket for a through ball.
  • You have to run and throw at the same time.
  • 4 Baskets in a row (5 metres apart), a pylon 10 metres in front of the basket, pairs with 1 ball per basket.
  • 1 player in front of the basket with the ball near the pylon.
  • (Change every goal).