Korfball drills for all skills

  • Four against four on 1 basket, setting out a field the size of a box!
  • When the ball is intercepted, the intercepting team takes the ball out from the middle.
  • The ball does not have to be passed to the trainer.
  • This gives the trainer all the space he needs to coach and to blow the whistle!
  • 1 basket, below it a duo of the same sex in the lead.
  • Two attackers in front of the basket and two defenders.
  • Two players at the side (same sex as attackers).
  • The attackers attack for a minute and a half, they may double with each other or with the attackers.
  • With regard to the declarer, the following rules apply: after having doubled with the attacker(s), the declarer must spin.
  • Unless a shot can be fired at that moment, in which case the shot must be waited for.
  • The moment the attackers double up with each other, they must roll.
  • We use again the four baskets in a row, the pawns are now at 10 metres right in front of the basket, there are four attackers (of which two are trainers) and three pairs (each pair has an attacker and a defender).
  • The attacker will try to score a walkthrough ball on each basket under pressure of the defender, always starting from the pile.
  • Attention: the attacker has to stand still at the pile (wait for a moment), after a walkthrough on one basket it is of course not allowed to walk through to the next basket for the walkthrough.
  • The defender defends the walkthrough ball within arm's length (near the pylon).
  • Which attacker will score 5 balls first?
  • Change function after each round around all the baskets.
  • The attackers run one lap less because they only change after the first player has five balls in his hands (let players who already master the walkthrough run one lap less or do three laps so that at least every pair of players runs two laps).
  • 1 shooter, 1 attacker, both standing under the basket.
  • The shooter draws away from under the basket and makes a shot (short chance).
  • In front of the basket at 8 metres, the shooter makes another shot.
  • After this, the players calmly walk sideways, after which they catch the ball and drop it 'inside' for the walk-through.
  • Who will score 25 points first? (shot from 8 meter counts for two)
  • Four posts in a row.
  • One pylon in front of the basket at 8 metres.
  • The players start walking from the pile, after which they continue to the next basket via the pile in front of the basket.
  • When they arrive at the last pile, the player walks behind the baskets to the first basket.
  • The ladies and gentlemen walk separately and both walk two minutes.
  • Overtaking is only allowed behind the basket!!!!.
  • Do not place the baskets too close to each other.
  • Ladies and gentlemen each at a post, two shooters in front of the basket at 7 metres.
  • One rebounder and one defender under the basket.
  • Two pawns at the side of the basket at 4 metres.
  • The rebounder has to sprint away to touch one of the pawns and run back to the basket to get the rebound.
  • The defender has to follow the rebounder to the pile, also touching the pile and trying to make it easy for the rebounder.
  • The rebounder gets to run away five times? Who catches the most of the five times? The rebounder or the defender?
  • Pairs of players at the basket.
  • Free ball 1 and 2 practice with defenders.
  • Wanna know which ones?
  • Who scores the most from 5 free balls taken? (1 and 2 = 10 free balls taken each)
  • Shooting from a neighborhood ball from 7 yards with two attackers under the basket each with a ball.
  • Which player scores the most in two minutes?
  • The players walk from under a basket to the next basket on a whistle, whereby they change function when they miss a through ball or a shot.
  • Four players walk to the next basket at the same time.
  • Here we look who has scored the following goals first: Pay attention: whistle twice at the dodge ball:
  • 1 time at the start of the run (whistle softly) and once to indicate the evasion move (whistle loudly).