Korfball drills for all skills

  • One shooter at 7 yards, one receiver under the basket.
  • The shooter shoots a distance shot and then exchanges with the receiver.
  • Each player scores twice and then the players walk hand in hand around the square of the baskets to the next basket, shoot again and exchange every goal.
  • The point is which pair returns first to the post where he or she started shooting, this pair has won the game.
  • Shooting from a nice distance.
  • 2 against 3 on 1 basket where when the trio scores, they can keep attacking and the defender changes with two other players when they let a goal through.
  • (Trainer always makes a pair and/or trio on the sideline).
  • A goal may only be scored by a shot and the goal may not be scored from closer than three metres.
  • Set up a square around the basket, in which no shots may be made.
  • Play 4 against 4 in which they must perform the above exercise 5 + 6, the defense may not predefend on the support there must be 1 shot allowed.
  • After 1 shot 4-0 and again. Change task after 1,5 min.
  • Poles in a square.
  • Under each pole stands a lady.
  • Two gentlemen are going to defend the other two gentlemen.
  • The attackers must try to take a through ball on any pole.
  • The defenders' task is to make it as difficult as possible for the attackers.
  • Goal: Learning to take a walkthrough ball with a defender.
  • In a game we are often hindered by the opponent when taking a walkthrough ball.
  • But in training you are usually not hindered, hence these exercises.
  • The match is played in a section of 20 by 20 metres.
  • If possible, make the playing field a little smaller.
  • Two pairs (the pairs from the last part of exercise 1) are going to play against each other between two baskets.
  • Which pair scores the most in 4 minutes against the other pair?
  • After 4 minutes rest for a moment and then again for 4 minutes against another pair.
  • Two squares are going to play against each other between four baskets, one square defending two baskets and the other square defending the other two.
  • Which pair shoots the most against the other pair?
  • A goal may only be scored by means of a deep line (run through from deep) or by what was trained in the previous drill.
  • Two persons per post (lady/lord).
  • One near the pile at 3 meter, one player near the pile and one under the basket.

The ball is thrown from the basket, the player at the pile shoots from a backwards movement.