Korfball drills for all skills

  • the attacker is only allowed to get free by a sideways movement in front of the basket, so no depth may be created!
  • It is not allowed to make a walk-through ball (that is a deep line
    )* Who will score the most goals?
  • Baskets in a square, gentlemen first under the basket with the ball.
  • Ladies in the middle.
  • After a shot or a walkthrough ball, the players must always go through the middle to the next post (players are not allowed to hit the same post twice).
  • The ticker tries to tap someone.
  • If he taps someone on the shoulder, the person has to hold his shoulder and start tapping.
  • Before you get tapped, you have to name a TV show.
  • Then you're free.
  • If you are tapped, you must stand with your legs spread and then the others can crawl under you.
  • Then you are free again.
  • Sprinting competition.
  • The ladies against each other and the boys against each other.
  • The one who arrives last is finished.
  • You repeat this until there is a winner.
  • First the ladies, then the boys, then the ladies again and so on.
  • So alternate, so they get some rest.
  • through ball round (change after 20 total scored)
  • rotating
  • pass from the space
  • varied passing
  • with defence
  • 2 catchers/forwarders/
  • 1 attack/
  • 1 defender pass in game-form on shot or pass
  • 2 competitive catchers/
  • 1 attack/
  • 1 defender up to 10 completed goal attempts, then change.

  • After catching the ball, bring it to the 'midline' in min.
  • After catching the ball, make 4 throws to the 'midline' and use tactics for defense and disrupting the attack.
  • change after 3 successful actions