Korfball drills for all skills

  • Make two teams.
  • The goal is to get the ball to the other side of the line.
  • You do this by standing in plank position and then pushing the ball to the other person who is standing further down in plank position.
  • Then you run to the front and stand in a holding position and wait for the ball to come.
  • The team that gets to the other side first wins.
  • We put the pawns 10 meters apart in a square.
  • Then they sprint at full 100% for a few seconds.
  • They start with:
    • 15 second full sprint.
      • 30 second rest.
    • 30 second full sprint.
      • 1 minute rest.
    • 45 seconds full sprint.
      • 1 minute rest.
    • 60 seconds full sprint.
      • 1 minute rest.
    • 45 seconds full sprint.
      • One minute rest.
    • 30 seconds full sprint.
      • One minute rest.
    • 15 seconds to full sprint.

  • You take 1 (or 2) dice.
  • You throw the dice and the number of pips you get in a shot exercise.
  • For example: you throw 5, then you have to score 5 shots.


  • You can have each group roll the dice separately and each time they complete a task.
  • and every time they complete an assignment, give them a new
  • Then each group has to complete a new task with a new number thrown.

Party with the whole group


  • With different tasks for the attackers or defenders.
  • For example:
    • forward defence
    • only forwards
    • paying attention to extra running into space and shooting from here.
  • 4 teams at a pole, ball is played around (not too long) until someone goes for the catch.
  • by this movement there is a hole in the 4-0,
  • That hole is filled by a player who will then take a shot.
  • After the rebounder has caught the first shot, he/she will immediately look for a free team-mate at the back of the game.
  • this is how 'the second chance' is created.
  • rebounder stays standing and catches the ball again, plays it off and moves away from the post himself.
  • It is important in this exercise that all four players are on the move,
  • When the first player takes a shot, the player at the back of the net must already be freeing themselves and getting ready to take the second shot.
  • 1 declarer throws the ball to the person in front of the basket
  • he then makes a shot when the ball is caught
  • under the basket he then goes inside
  • and takes a walkthrough ball
  • finally, he takes a short chance
    • you can play this like this, for example, who is the first to the 20
  • groups of 2,
  • You get an assignment,
  • First to finish, do 2x the condition assignment,
  • 2nd ready 4x,
  • last one done 8 times,
  • like push-ups, planking.
  • Two teams,
  • 4 poles,
  • each with their own post
  • and you're gonna be two to one with the others.
  • 2s,
  • 8 hits,
  • miss twice, sprint to the middle and keep going until you make eight,
  • then the other one