Korfball drills for all skills

  • The players walk from under one basket to the next basket, changing their roles (shooter/forward) when they miss a walkthrough or a shot.
  • We will see who has scored the following goals first
    :* 10 walk-throughs * 6 dodge balls*
    8 walk-throughs * 4 dodge balls

  • The baskets in a square.
  • Pairs at a post.
  • Together they score on their pole
    :* 4 penalty shots*
    4 pull-away balls (from under the basket to the front)
    * 4 neighbourhood balls*
    4 shots from 5 metres

  • Repeat this 3 times on the same pole.
  • The first time, the trainer keeps track of time.
  • The second time, the players must finish faster than the first time, otherwise they will have to sprint around the poles for three rounds.
  • The same is true for the third lap with respect to the second lap, unless the first lap was faster than the second.
  • In that case, the time of the first lap must be used as a guideline for the third lap.
  • Alternating dodge to the left and right.
  • Whoever gets 5 in first.
  • Then again but then who has the first 8 in.
  • Stand at your favorite distance.
  • Take turns moving left and right.
  • You get the ball and shoot.
  • Try to score as many goals as possible in one minute.
  • Stand 4 feet in front of the basket and shoot for one minute.
  • Count the number of goals per person.
  • Then change persons.

Take 30 passed balls together to get warm

  • Player 1 throws to an oncoming player 2,
  • This player throws the ball to the cone where he came from, to player 3 and joins the other cone.
  • In case of threes, the pair starts without the ball.
  • The player with the ball plays the ball with two hands to the player at the other cone, runs after the ball and joins the players at that cone.
  • A simple and recognizable exercise.
  • Developing speed from the throw is a possible point of attention to keep these exercises attractive for older players.
  • In pairs you take turns shooting from a stand of about 6-8 metres.
  • You shoot 3x per turn, at least 1 must be hit, otherwise you walk 3x around the basket from the shot point.
  • Who is the first to score 10 times.
  • The one who does this in the fewest turns is the winner.
    • NB You can also use this exercise to test if there is progress in the shot percentage.
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