Korfball drills for all skills

  • 2 feet straight ahead in the boxes 3x
  • 2 compartments forward and 1 back 3x
  • 2 feet backwards in the compartments 3x
  • 1 foot per compartment and finish with sprint of 5 meter 4x
  • Run around a square.
  • Each time a new number is called.
  • Each number is a different task.
    • At 1, jump up,
    • On 2, the back tries to catch the front,
    • On 3, touch the ground.
  • With a 2 or 3 team at the basket.
    • You put four hats around the basket.
  • Player A starts shooting until he has scored once on all 4 sides,
  • Then player B starts shooting until he has scored on all 4 sides.
    • who finishes first.
  • If you have 1 trio, then one of the children in the pair has to shoot again.
  • Piles in a row.
  • Zigzagging through balls.
  • After a few minutes who is the first to score 5 through balls.
  • Players in two rows.
  • Taking turns, a player goes to the pilon, lifting his knees, hopping, heels, buttocks, at the pilon, the trainer indicates the direction of the walk.
  • At the pilon the trainer indicates the direction of running: either towards the left pilon, or the right one. Sprint to the left or right pilon.
  • When the first player reaches the trainer, the next player can run.
  • Around the pillars, back to the other row.
  • There are three players standing at a pole.
  • Player 1 starts with the ball and throws to 2, 3 runs first short and then long, then gets the ball from player 2 and shoots.
  • Player 1 catches and throws to player 2, player 2 throws to 3 and then player 1 runs the long line.
  • This is how the process repeats itself.


  • Instead of shooting, player 1 cuts in and throws number 3 in and comes for the through ball
  • Same as above, but then player 3 does not take a walkthrough ball but pulls player 1 away and takes a short chance
  • You start with 3 players at a pole.
  • Number 1 runs aside, gets the ball and shoots, then the one under the post (player 3) catches the ball.
  • At that moment player 2 has to cut in front of player 1 and run for the second chance.
  • Continue this way until one of the two has made three.
  • The loser changes places with the one under the basket, a winner may stay at the basket a maximum of 3 times.
  • 1 loafer who can't have the ball, no tapping.
  • Throwing good balls.
  • Not caught is fault of the thrower.
  • Tapping the ball is enough for the batsman.
  • There are 3 posts placed in a triangle, pointing to the centre of the triangle.
  • The defenders try to prevent the attacker from scoring.
  • Do this until the attacker has scored twice or 1 minute has passed and then turn around.