Korfball drills for all skills

  • 1 declarer throws the ball to the person in front of the basket
  • he then makes a shot when the ball is caught
  • under the basket he then goes inside
  • and takes a walkthrough ball
  • finally, he takes a short chance
    • you can play this like this, for example, who is the first to the 20
  • groups of 2,
  • You get an assignment,
  • First to finish, do 2x the condition assignment,
  • 2nd ready 4x,
  • last one done 8 times,
  • like push-ups, planking.
  • Two teams,
  • 4 poles,
  • each with their own post
  • and you're gonna be two to one with the others.
  • 2s,
  • 8 hits,
  • miss twice, sprint to the middle and keep going until you make eight,
  • then the other one
  • With a team of 3 at the basket.
  • 2 attackers and 1 rebounder
  • 2 attackers stay in motion around the basket and get in turns the ball to shoot.
  • Which shooter has 2 points first, exchanges with the rebounder.
  • For the exercise: repeating how to throw and catch properly.
  • The emphasis is not on shooting.
  • 1 player stands in front of the basket
    • There is shooting.
    • There is a catcher behind the basket who tries to catch the ball as fast as possible.
    • caught?
      • throw fast and good to your team mates.
    • Variant: 2 persons at a basket (can also be more than 2 persons).

Party form.

  • Two baskets facing each other and two teams.
  • Practicing how to do it in the matches.
  • 2 with ball under the basket (the under and in front of the basket are a set)
  • 2 people in front of the basket (opposite each other)
  • if you score, you move up
  • You do this until you have been overtaken by the other shooter or you have overtaken him.catch-up-with-each-other
  • Game over 2 baskets. Play continues until first pair has 3 goals.
  • All other pairs stop immediately.
  • In case of a tie, the first team to score a tie wins.
  • At 0-0 stop.
  • Winners to the left losers to the right.
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