Korfball drills for all skills

  • Number of players per pole is not important.
  • Players will shoot from 5 to 6 meters according to age.
  • If they throw in the basket consecutively, they may double the score.
  • At 2 I throw in, then it's 3, then I throw in again, then it's 6 and so on.
  • If a player scores, he also has to keep throwing.
  • This is played with seniors usually to 3000 or 5000
  • Two or three players start shooting from 3 to 4 meters,
  • when they're all in, they move to the left side of the basket.
  • There they have to shoot again in two or three or...before they go to the next point.
  • In this way the players get all the points (wind directions) around the pole.
  • 2 at the post;
  • 1 takes 10 short chances and 5 penalties, these must be hit!
  • The other one walks between the pillar (or line) back and forth until the other one is ready, then changes function,
  • this one does the same as far as the shot is concerned.

The exercise starts in the 4-0 formation.

  • The ball is passed from player 1 to player 2, after which player 1 fills the rebound-position.
  • Player 3 fills the gap left by player 1 by connecting to the front.
  • This creates space for player 4 to connect behind the basket.
  • With this the 3-1 is realised, players 2,3 and 4 form a triangle around the basket.

The next step is to make a pass, so towards the 2-2.

  • Player 2 passes the ball to player 3, and player 4 passes to him.
  • Timing is very important here.
  • Player 4, the attacker, must pass to the attacker just in time.
  • If he is too early, his defender can pass to him, if he is too late the defender of player 3 can recover his defensive position.
  • The perfect timing is therefore that player 3 can pass the ball as soon as he receives it, and that player 4 is not waiting for the ball.

  • As soon as player 4 with the ball is in the passing position, both shooters, players 2 and 3, have to make an action to get a shot.
  • This can be a dodging move or a wide move.
  • The initiator, player 4, chooses a shooter (in the video player 2) and passes the ball to the shooter.
  • The shooter takes a shot, and the rebounder, player 1, catches the ball.
  • The player who did not make the shot (in the video, player 3) keeps moving and gets the ball as soon as he is caught by player 1, and still makes the shot.
  • This can be called the bonus shot. Why is this shot important?
  • It forces both players to keep moving, and they get a reward in the form of a shot. Player 1 catches the ball again, and the exercise is over.

Everyone turns one spot and the exercise can start again.

  • 2 feet straight ahead in the boxes 3x
  • 2 compartments forward and 1 back 3x
  • 2 feet backwards in the compartments 3x
  • 1 foot per compartment and finish with sprint of 5 meter 4x
  • Run around a square.
  • Each time a new number is called.
  • Each number is a different task.
    • At 1, jump up,
    • On 2, the back tries to catch the front,
    • On 3, touch the ground.
  • With a 2 or 3 team at the basket.
    • You put four hats around the basket.
  • Player A starts shooting until he has scored once on all 4 sides,
  • Then player B starts shooting until he has scored on all 4 sides.
    • who finishes first.
  • If you have 1 trio, then one of the children in the pair has to shoot again.
  • Piles in a row.
  • Zigzagging through balls.
  • After a few minutes who is the first to score 5 through balls.
  • Players in two rows.
  • Taking turns, a player goes to the pilon, lifting his knees, hopping, heels, buttocks, at the pilon, the trainer indicates the direction of the walk.
  • At the pilon the trainer indicates the direction of running: either towards the left pilon, or the right one. Sprint to the left or right pilon.
  • When the first player reaches the trainer, the next player can run.
  • Around the pillars, back to the other row.
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