Korfball drills for all skills

  • You make groups of 2 or 3.
  • You are going to shoot at the basket and when you have scored you call YO,
  • and then you (and the rest what shoots) turn to the next pole.
  • So you go through who first 5 times (or less because you want) has said YO has won

Ball Skills

  • Each child gets a ball
  • The children do the exercises of the trainers:
    • Bounce the ball with the right hand
    • Bounce the ball with the wrong hand
    • Throw the ball up and catch it again
    • You spin the ball around your belly
    • You stand up straight and throw the ball from one hand over your head to the other hand (width or length)
  • You repeat these tasks a number of times
  • Players in a circle arm in arm. In the middle pawns,
  • Try to get the other to a cone by pulling.
  • Try to get the other against a pawn by pulling.
  • At 5 points you get a penalty and you have to push the other one.
  • 2 poles with the basket against each other
  • 2 teams take turns to shoot at the basket farthest from them
  • Who has 10 goals first.
  • Goal in the basket of the other team is a point for the other team.

  • List:
    • 5 passed balls,
    • 10 penalty shots,
    • 5 shots from 4 meters,
    • 15 walk-throughs from behind the basket,
    • 5 shots from 3 meters behind the basket.
  • Push-ups :
    • 5x men's version
  • Plank : 20 sec.
    • note: no sagging in the hips, straight line, elbows under the shoulders
  • Super man 10x
    • note: do not twist in the hips, straight line, hands under the shoulders, balance
  • Seal 8x
    • note: keep arms and legs just above the ground
  • sprint 2 laps

  • you have three kids per post.
    • 1 is the attacker,
    • 1 is the defender and
    • 1 is the attacker, 1 is the defender and 1 is the attacker/catcher.
  • the attacker must try to score and the defender must prevent this.
  • Change when the attacker has scored
  • Stand in a circle around a basket (4 children).
  • The child in front of the basket shoots the ball towards the basket,
  • the other three girls must try to catch the ball.
  • The child that catches the ball may then shoot.
  • After a while add an extra ball.
  • Goal: practise shooting and catching.