Korfball drills for all skills

  • 4 squares under the basket.
  • Stimulate spatial insight.
  • Try to get them to play over with 4 squares under the basket.
  • Also use defenders.
  • You are not allowed to leave your square unless you swap with someone from another square.
  • Meter shooting from 1 meter to about 4 to 5 meters.
  • If you hit the ball one meter further.
  • Everyone has his own ball
  • Attacker defender
  • Attacker starts running from the basket after the signal.
  • After the second signal defender goes after him.
  • Shoot as fast as possible because the attacker can pass the ball on signal 2.
  • 3 baskets
  • 3 teams of 2
  • Shooting together or all baskets, all hit is winner.
  • Expandable with different shot techniques.
  • E.g. walk-through-ball-backwards-from-behind-the-basket.
  • You can also extend the game by having the winning team score more than once. The winning team must score more than once until every team wins.
  • Sometimes it can happen that several teams are standing at 1 basket.

What people often try with the older youth is a trick under the basket.

  • There is 1 support with a defender
  • behind that a catcher with 1 defender.
  • The support plays off to the attacker in front of the basket, who first sprints to the side of the basket.
  • Depending on which way the attacker sprints to the other side, the catcher must run up but then around the support to get rid of the opponent.
  • The attacker plays under the basket to the released catcher under the basket.

Games with calling as goal and shot clock where there must be a shot within a certain time and also important that one may only hold the ball for up to 4 seconds


Various exercises are possible, especially it is important that the support plays the ball and the receiver immediately throws it back and goes after it

  • 1 declarer throws the ball to the person in front of the basket then he takes a shot when the ball is caught under the basket he then goes inside and takes a walkthrough ball finally he takes a short chance afterwards.

Important: Tightplacement and quick release so that the ball can be walked on immediately.

  • Point count:
    • Shot counts 2x
    • Walkthrough counts 1x
    • Short chance counts 1x
  • 4 teams at a pole, ball is played around (not too long) until someone goes for the catch.
  • This happens after that person passes the ball.
  • By this movement there is a hole in the 4-0,
  • That hole is filled by a player who will then take a shot.
  • The ball is caught by the rebounder and played out,
  • rebounder gets away at the post and the 4-0 is restored.
  • This is repeated.