Korfball drills for all skills

  • Trio shooting.
  • Shoot a threesome with pairs.
  • In order:
    • Distance shot.
    • Passing ball and small chance near the post.
  • Who is first to score 25 points.
  • Point count:
    • 0 x hit = -1.
    • 1 x hit = 0.
    • 2 x hit = 2 or 3 points where the walkthrough and small chance count for 1 and the distance shot for 2.
    • 3 x hit = 5.
  • When both players have 25 points, the exercise is finished.
  • Left foot in the ladder, right foot next to it (touch all squares)
  • Left hopscotch (beside the ladder/in the ladder/slanting forward beside the ladder and then to the side)
  • Skiers (right beside the ladder, then left in the ladder and diagonally forwards beside the ladder, then right in the ladder and diagonally forwards beside the ladder then left again)
  • Cross pass (sideways through the ladder and put the left leg over the right one, then the right leg to the back and then left again.)
  • Hopping (with slightly spread legs left outside, right in the ladder to right outside and left in the ladder, then 1 to the front and then left again, at the end of the ladder you take a pass ball)
  • Player sprints forward.
  • Then sideways to the left.
  • Sideways to the right.
  • Sideways to the middle.
  • Finally, backwards to the starting point.
  • Do this in groups of 3 and do this 5 times each.
  • Player in front of the basket places the ball to the right (the blue player) and walks to the left side.
  • At the pylon, she receives the ball from the blue player and she shoots out of motion.
  • The white lady catches the ball.
  • The passer becomes the shooter, the catcher becomes the receiver and the shooter starts to catch.
  • Score with 3 from the left 15 times and from the right 15 times.
  • Score with pairs from 3 and 5 meter each 5x (depending on the group being trained, this may take a maximum of 7-10 times).
  • Players stand next to each other.
  • The ball is thrown to player 2 and player 1 runs after it until halfway and inside.
  • Player 2 throws the ball at the moment he/she thinks the other player can make a good run through.
  • Player 1 finishes it.
  • 1 attacker and 1 defender.
  • The attacker stands a few metres away. (A distance where you practice to shoot far)
  • The defender stands at the basket.
  • As soon as the attacker throws the ball to the defender, the defender can run and try to defend.
  • All in a row, start at the back line.
  • On the way out you sprint, on the way back you dribble.
  • Every time you come to a line you do an exercise. 1x after the outward journey, 1x after the return journey.
  • Exercises (numbers are free to fill in):
    • Squats
    • Push-ups (possibly on your knees)
    • Jumping jacks
    • Lunges, first with the left, then with the right.
    • Burpees

  • Bottle football only throwing.
  • For each player there is one bottle filled with water.
  • You choose a teammate against whom you want to play and so put the two bottles opposite each other with a few meters distance. (The further apart they are, the more difficult).
  • You try to knock over your opponent's bottle.
  • If you succeed, your opponent must first take the ball and only then can you put the bottle back up.
  • You win if your opponent's bottle is empty.
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