Korfball drills for all skills

  • 2 players at 1 pole.
  • Player 1 throws the ball on player 2 runs towards player 2, makes a diagonal move and runs into the depth.
  • Player 2 catches the ball, throws at player 1 and runs in depth, so away from player 1.
  • Etc.
  • In front of the pole first move to the left get the ball (catch with left hand), throw back with left hand.
  • Move to the right (catch with right hand), throw back with right hand.
  • Again to the left and shoot. One player does this until he or she has scored 3 times and then change.
  • 2 players move between the 6 posts making a rectangle.
  • When a yes is said, one of the two players who does not have the ball runs to the post, the player with the ball throws the ball and runs after it to make a pass.
  • When no yes is said the players pass to each other with the outside hand and are on the move.
  • This game is played with 2 people.
  • You are opposite each other.
  • If you win with rock paper scissors then you must try to run away from the other if you are at a certain line you are safe.
  • If you lose, you must try to tap the one who runs away.
  • give each other the right arm and bend your knees in a sitting position.
  • idem left arm


  • Two pairs shake hands in a crossed position (see photo) and kneel down in the sitting position.


  • 2 opposite each other, bend their knees in the sitting position and come up and kick forward with the left and right leg alternately.



Two pairs sit down and stand up at the same time, with their backs against each other.


  • 2 groups of players stand behind each other,
  • back player lifts leg of player in front of him.
  • the player in front of him goes through the knees with the other leg.