Korfball drills for all skills

  • Everyone makes penalty throws until there are 2 or 3 left.
  • Everyone picks the person they think is going to win by standing behind them.
  • The winning team starts cleaning up and the losers have to run 2 laps first
  • Game form 4 teams, 4 baskets, 4 balls.
  • Goal is to defend own basket and score on other baskets.
  • Counting, most goals on basket is loser.
  • Goal; moving, tempo change.

  • Let the players figure out themselves how to do this tactically; discuss and communicate about tactics.
  • Stop the game a couple of times to discuss and emphasize the long ball / passing.
  • First of all we have a support and a catch and 2 attackers 2 defenders a few meters in front of the basket.
  • These two stand back to back.
  • They both sprint to a corner and the one who is best free gets the ball and shoots.
  • Alternatively, 1 attacker can be played and after that the ball is played straight back to the support for the through ball.
  • Make a square with 4 attackers and 2 defenders.
  • When the defender touches the ball, he may swap with the attacker in question.
  • The goal is to learn to pass quickly and accurately.
  • 2-0 is meant to get rid of the opponent and use your fellow players as a block,
  • Watch out for cutting off!
  • Extend the game by having a defender take over under the basket and having the attacker sprint away and make a distance shot.
  • 4-0 is the basis of every training.
  • After taking over the ball the players have to start from a starting position where space is important.
  • Possible to expand with pawns(4 squares around the basket) variant where kids can swap sections during free running(4-0).
  • When the group knows how to make the through ball, they can start with the technique with resistance from a defender.
  • Not only the pace of the run-up is important, but also cutting off the defender's running line.

  • A player is standing near the basket.
  • Two players stand next to each other at a distance of 6 metres.
  • One is attacker, the other defender.
  • The attacker starts for the walkthrough, but in the meantime the defender tries to defend.
  • The attacker must try to cut off the run of the defender immediately after the start.
  • This means that when the runner starts to the left of the defender, the runner passes the basket on the left side.
  • The runner therefore crosses the running line of the opponent

In short: a lot of shooting practice with a lot of running. (STRESS on learning to shoot on one leg at the end of the season plus stepping out with a throw).

Organisation: The baskets are placed in a square The number of baskets is very precise: aim for 5 baskets per 10 players.

a ) The players start at each basket, one person stands under the basket and the other person stands in the hoop in front of the basket with the ball, shoots on twolegs and goes on to the next basket.

changing: on time

in case of uneven numbers, run again or catch again.

b ) As a., but now with the assignment: Who will score 3 goals first?

c ) Like a., but with the assignment: pull one leg out of the hoop and the other leg up.

(for the ones who write with the right hand out of the hoop, SHOCK ON THE AIDE TRAINERS HERE TO HELP THEM)

d ) As a., but there is an 'over-taking situation': the runner from the circle, after having received the ball, plays the ball back to the declarer who started away from the post

(THE DECLARER STEPS OUT OF THE HOOP WITH ONE LEG TO THROW). The original declarator must try to score from this start. (NOW the one who shot the ball runs to the next corner).

change ; on time, or who scores 3 points first


training f1 and f2

number of baskets: 5

number of players:10




Make a square of hats or baskets.

  • In the middle put balls (1 less than the number of players).
  • The players walk in circles around the hats
  • At the whistle they run in and try to get a ball

When you have a ball you may make a shot attempt (penalty throw distance, at pylon or in the hoop) and if you score you have a point,


- keep doing it, who's first at 3 points

- Shoot in front of the basket.

Walk backwards/sweep arms/shake buttocks.

- At every new round one ball less in the middle. The players who did not get the ball keep on walking or waiting.

Note : it's not about running fast, as long as they keep moving.