Korfball drills for all skills

  • Player 1 is at 1 meter in front of the post and player 2 is in the catch.
  • Player 1 gets two chances to score from 1 meter.
  • If he succeeds, he can take a step back. There he gets another two chances to score.
  • If he misses twice in a row it is player 2's turn.

Let's see who comes furthest.

2 children are standing near a basket. One attacker and one defender.

  • The attacker may move around the basket, towards the basket and away from the basket.
  • The defender always stays with his back to the basket and follows the defender.
  • Do this for 20 seconds at a time.

For some extra difficulty, the attacker can do tempo changes.


per 2 or max 3 teams 1 basket

baskets in the middle of the hall

number 1 runs from the backline to halfway and gets the ball from number 2. Nr 1 sprints back to the backline. When the ball is thrown and caught properly, continue otherwise start again.

No. 1 sprints to the cone 2,5 meter before the basket, makes a penalty throw, sprints back to the backline.

When point is scored change function if not continue until point is scored.

Which team will have 6 points first?

Variant with dodge ball or walk through ball instead of penalty throw.

In short: various games of tag.

Organisation: Mark out an area that is not too big (20 by 10 to 20 metres) with the help of baskets or cones. If there are more than one, give each of the taggers a ribbon.

Off with the ball. One of the players has a ball. The ball is passed around randomly. The ticker must try to tap the player who has the ball in their hands. If the group is large, then split it into two (and thus also work with two tickers).


  • 3 men per basket
  • Player A starts as shooter at the first pawn.
  • Player B starts to pass the ball under the basket
  • Player C starts as catcher under the basket.
  • Player A runs with fast movements around all the cones.
  • At the last pawn, player A stops and stands ready to shoot.
  • The passer (player B) throws the ball and the shooter (player A) shoots.
  • Player C catches it
  • The passer (B) is going to shoot, and the archer is going to catch.
  • Make 15 together and everything on high speed.
  • We have poles, cones or caps placed 8 metres apart in a square.
  • The team divides itself over the poles, cones or caps.
  • Next, they are going to sprint 100% for a few seconds.
    • They start with:
      • 30 seconds sprint.
        • 1 minute rest.
      • Sprint for 45 seconds.
        • 1 minute rest
      • 60 second sprint.
        • 1 minute rest.
      • 75 second sprints.
        • 1 minute rest
      • 60 second sprints.
        • 1 minute rest.
      • 45 second sprint.
        • 1 minute rest.
      • 30 second sprints.
        • END

3 posts with baskets, 3 balls, 6 pawns. (at 5 pers. 2 poles 1 pole penalty throw practice at 8 points penalty throw won)

per basket 2 teams (1 catch 1 shoot).

First we explain what is important to pay attention to when making a walkthrough.

Pawns are placed from which distance the ball will be walked in.

The children make a pass ball in front of the basket and a pass ball behind the basket. If they both hit the ball, they earn a piping bag. Which team will have 4 bags first?

After that change the teams and function

Then the same but instead of through balls they play dodge balls.

necessary: 3 poles with baskets, 1 container with wickerbags and 1 container with ribbons, 6 pawns, 3 balls

All children are numbered 1,2,3 numbers 1 start running first, then 2 and 3 start when 1 is back.

  • On the left side you run to and fro in the length of the hall.
  • When you are back you run to a free basket and make a penalty throw in front of the basket.
  • And you score from a distance of your choice from the back of the basket.
  • Place the ball on the pawn in front of the basket.
  • Then you go to the trainer for your 'salary' and you start again.
  • You keep your pay in your own locker (A4 sheet with your own name).
  • When there is no free basket, you run up and down the length of the hall one more time.

If you score a goal both times you have earned a beanbag. If you only score one goal you have earned a ribbon.

Who has earned the most after 10 minutes?

  • Put two children opposite each other at a distance where they can't throw the ball over.
  • Let the children throw the ball over and over until one group reaches 10.
  • Do this exercise first with the right hand and then with the left hand.

If one group reaches the 10 too fast, let them throw the dice more often or increase the distance.
You can also do this exercise with bouncing.