Korfball drills for all skills

  • The poles are in the middle of the field.
  • The through balls are taken from the sideline and we run through to the other sideline.
  • Then back to the pole.
  • Each player runs for 2,5 minutes and gives the other time.
  • Posts are in the middle of the field.
  • The players walk from the sideline to the pole, take a walkthrough and walk to the other side of the field.
  • Each player runs 2 times 2,5 minutes back and forth.
  • They also pass the ball twice.
  • Each time 5 times through the rope ladder Starting slowly and increasing your speed slightly each time, so that the 5th time is at full speed.
    • Walk through with two feet inside the ladder.
    • 2 feet inside the ladder/ two feet outside the ladder with knee in angle of 90 degrees.
    • Hopping left twice from left to side, to the middle, then hopping right twice to right side and right back in.
    • Sideways 2 feet in and two out.
    • 2 forward, 1 backward, 2 forward etc.

  • Play 4:4, after interception the ball comes to the centre line, after which the attack starts again.
  • Attack 3 times and then switch functions.
  • The assignment is to play as wide as possible and catch from space.
  • Think about the trained exercises.
  • 3x planks normal (player stands in pump position but not on his hands but on his elbows)
  • 3x planks left (player lies down sideways and stretches his whole body on his elbows and ankles)
  • 3x planks on the right (same as previous)
  • 3x leg lifts (lie on back, lift legs stretched for a certain time, can be made easier by putting hands under the buttocks...legs as low as possible above the ground)
  • 3x superman (on hands and knees, at the start of the time they simultaneously extend their left arm and right leg, then right arm left leg etc...)
  • The handler stands 3 meters next to the post.
  • The handler passes the ball when asked to do so by putting his hands forward.
  • The taker catches the ball himself.
  • The handler becomes the shooter and the shooter becomes the handler. score 10 goals pp
  • The ball is played to a moving lady at about 4 meters.
  • The person passing on determines whether the ball is placed to the left or to the right of the lady.
  • The passing must be tight and at eye level of the shooter. score 10x pp
  • Next, a defender comes to stand in front of the take-off lady.
  • Now you see that, if you do not keep the ball up, it will be difficult for the receiver to see it
  • So if you hold the ball up high, she can see which way you are going to pass and can therefore react properly
  • If she does not get free, check the position of the defender, make sure you are playable and the person taking the ball steps outagain
  • Again with the defender, but now you pretend to throw.
  • For the receiver, this is the signal that she must come for the breakthrough. score 10x pp
  • We play 4:4 with a catch under the post until the first shot is made.
  • After that the catch comes from the space.
  • The receiver stands, with regard to the shooter, at the side of the post. (So pass from the space).
  • In this exercise, you all have a function.
  • The one who has the ball is either the passer or the shooter.
  • If you are the passer, then another one comes for the shot.
  • The third is for catching.
  • So you always fill in one of those positions.
  • The other three take penalty shots