Korfball drills for all skills


Extra material: ribbons.

The game is played with 8 players, if more are present, then the players are changed after each attack. Everyone will be changed once, even if it means that a lady will play against a gentleman.

During the game (4 against 4) the emphasis is on what has been learned during the training: throwing and catching in a 4-0 situation. The defense is passive. Before a player walks to the basket, he must first pass the ball 10 times.

Goal is to play the ball into the hands of another player.

Make two pairs. Each pair stands 7 metres apart and passes the ball with one hand. As soon as one pair succeeds, both players can take 1 step backwards.

To train throwing with 2 hands and with the less good hand, the trainer calls out: now 3 times with the other hand / now 3 times with two hands.


! Form groups of 2 people per basket

Each group receives three cards. The cards are shuffled beforehand and the numbers 2 to 5 are taken from the packet. With the three cards they receive, the groups must get as close as possible to 31. The values of the numbers and pictures are shown below:

  • Six = six
  • Seven = seven
  • Eight = eight
  • Nine = nine
  • Ten is ten
  • Farmer = ten
  • Wife = ten
  • King = ten
  • Ace = eleven

So nine + jack + queen = 29 points or ace + jack + queen = 31, but you can also get jack + jack = 30.5

When the players have completed a series, they may exchange one of their received cards for a new one, to get closer to 31. The trainer sets a timer and says stop when it rings. The team that is closest to 31 wins.


  1. Pass balls: three goals in a row.
  2. Short chance: four goals in total.
  3. Distance shot behind the basket: two goals in a row (4/5 meters).
  4. Penalty throw: three goals in a row.
  5. Around the basket: four goals, one on each side of the basket (3 metres).

! Form two groups. The attacker receives a vest.

This is louging in a korfball way. One person is the attacker, she/he starts with one defender. Within a playing area she/he must try to get free. In front of the box is the attacker. She/he has to make sure the ball gets to the attacker in the box. The other players stand aside. If the attacker receives the ball without the defender intercepting, a defender comes on board.

  • Running free
  • Throw
  • Contact

! Make 3 groups and let the players divide into person 1, 2 and 3. After two rounds, switch one person by.


Form 3 teams near the basket. Person 1 stands 6 metres in front of the basket near the pawn, person 2 stands 6 metres behind the basket near the pawn. Person 3 stands under the basket as catcher. Person 1 starts with e.g. a pass, then goes back to the pawn. Person 2 takes a passing ball in the meantime, as person 3 has caught the ball. This is how you do all the exercises.


  • Pass ball
  • Pass ball right
  • Dodge ball left
  • Diverting ball past the basket


The three teams are now positioned differently. The pawns are moved to the side of the basket, where a player stands near both pawns. The other player stands in front of the pawn at 4 metres from the basket. Person 1 and 2 stand near the cones and are playable as a passer. Player 3 stands near the pawns and determines his action. Player 3 must pass at least 2 times before he can take a shot. The shooter stays in front of the basket with the shot.

  • First take the shot while person 3 is walking towards the ball, later only walk away from the ball and take the shot.
  • If necessary, repeat behind the basket.

3 teams change 1 for 1

# 4 teams swap 2 by 2

! All kids together

The children form a long snake and start to run after each other. Meanwhile the trainer changes the exercises by calling out: hop, lift the knee and so on. After all exercises the person in the back gets the assignment to catch up with the whole group by sprinting. When she arrives at the front she is the first one and runs on in a steady pace.

! Extra exercise: To add a fun game element, put one person in front of the snake. This person has to try to touch the tail of the snake by making an action. The snake must keep moving and try to make a block, so that the tail will not be touched.


2 teams, 2 poles next to each other at a large distance from the groups.

First one leaves and throws a penalty throw. When it's in, put the ball down and run back. If you miss, keep throwing until you score.

- 2 groups of max 4. Distance between 2 groups is +/- 5 mtr

- 2 baskets/rings next to each other at 6 mtr from both groups. In the basket +/- 3 hats/buds etc.

- 1 pylon in a straight line opposite each group at 12 mtr

Each group takes one hat from its own basket, runs around the pylon at 12 mtr and puts the hat in the basket of the opponent. In this way they try to empty their own basket or they try to have less than the other team after e.g. 4 minutes.


- distance between pawns and/or basket

- time


Inshort: practise various forms of the shot in a fun competition format.

Organisation: each group a basket and a ball, the baskets are preferably (but not absolutely necessary) arranged in a circle or rectangle. The number of people per group is less important (all groups should be about the same size).

The first assignment for the groups is: make 10 walkthrough ball goals. When you are done, the creator of the last goal goes to the trainer to get the next assignment. Which group will have completed all assignments first?

The trainer walks around the room, encouraging or correcting the players. He has a piece of paper with a list of assignments. When someone comes to get the next assignment, first ask him which assignment he just completed (after a while this can vary considerably) and then give the next one. A list of examples: 10 walk-through balls, 15 penalty shots, 5 shots from 8 meters, 10 walk-through balls from behind the basket, 5 dodges next to the post on the right, 10 penalty shots, 10 shots from 3 meters behind the basket, 5 dodges next to the pair on the left, 10 shots from 6 meters. Everything is possible of course, a lot of momentum comes when the number of goals to be scored is kept small.


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