Korfball drills for all skills



  • You have a pair at each pole, so the amount of poles depends on the size of the group.
  • Everyone starts by scoring twice on the pole.
  • When they have done this, they go to the next pole.
  • It can happen that two groups are standing at the same pole, this is because they don't all have to turn.
  • The pairs only have to turn when they have scored twice.
  • 3 times shooting then change shooter

Place a pawn in front of the pole at a good distance for your team.

In short: nice shooting exercise with a lot of running.

Organisation: the baskets are placed in a circle. At each basket stands a server with a ball. The rest of the players stand in the middle of the circle (the middle must be clearly recognisable).

In the hall there is often a circle, on the field a pylon must be placed.
The number of baskets is very precise: aim for 2 baskets per 5 players.

a )

  • The players in the centre circle are instructed to hit one of the baskets with a walkthrough, it doesn't matter which one.
  • Since there are slightly more players in the circle than there are free baskets, it is important to find a free basket quickly.
  • When you are not quick enough, you have to wait a bit.
  • And when Johnny is already on his way to a basket, but is passed at the last moment by Marietje, who is running faster, Johnny has to go back to the centre circle and try again from there.
  • Everyone catches his own ball.
  • After the signal everyone runs through the centre circle or around the pylon to find a free basket again as soon as possible.

b ) As a., but now with the assignment: Who will score 10 goals first?
Even the players who first thought: 'Never mind, he runs faster than me' will now try to be the first to get to the free basket. Make sure that the players do not 'cut off' by not going through the centre circle or around the pylon.

c ) Like b., but with the assignment: 'Who will be first to score a goal at each basket?

d ) Same as b., but with overhead walkthroughs.

e ) As b., but a 'take-over' situation follows: the runner from the centre circle, after having received the ball, plays the ball back to the declarer who started away from the post. The original declarer must try to score from this start. Who scores 5 goals first?

f ) As b., but the runner takes balls out of the way (left or right, distances not too great). The declarer also catches the shot. The runner runs to the basket and gets the ball from the catcher, who will rush to the centre to try again, because: who scores 5 goals first?


Pole 1
Take a walkthrough

Pole 2
Take a dodge ball in front

Pole 3
Take a through ball

Pole 4
Take a dodge ball at the back

When everyone has been there, they swap with the one under the basket and then they get to run around.


  • At pawn 1
    • Tap the groundTouch the ground, jump up and stretch all the way. We do this ten times.
  • Pole 1
    • Take a dodge ball at pole 1.
    • RUN TO POLE 2.
  • Pole 2
    • Do the speed ladder (2 feet in each square, base)
    • RUN TO POLE 2.
  • Pole 2
    • Take a walkthrough ball at pole 2
    • RUN TO POLE 3
  • pole 3
    • Take a through ball at the post 2

  • There are two players per pole.
  • Near the pole there are 4 pawns, each at a distance of 1 meter. (The first pawn is at 2 meters)
  • When they have scored, they may move one pawn backwards, when they miss, they stand as catcher.
  • And when they are next in line they start all over again.
  • Which of the children has scored first at each pawn?

Put out a box, of about 6 by 6.

  • One person is the ticker, and has to tick off everyone.
  • The other people have 2 balls at their disposal, which they can pass on.
  • You may not be tagged when you have the ball in your hands. So if the ticker runs to someone, you must quickly throw the ball to this player. Of course you are not allowed to hold the ball endlessly.


Ball skills

  • Each child gets a ball
  • The children imitate the exercises given by the trainers
    • You spin the ball around your belly
    • You bend your knees and make an 8-move through your legs with the ball
    • You stand up straight and throw the ball from one hand over your head to the other hand (width or length)
    • You lift your knees and in the meantime you make 8-movements through your legs with the ball
  • You repeat these exercises a number of times

A nice variation of the ordinary game of tag.

You have a cat (the ticker) and you have mice. The mice have ribbons in their back trousers. This is like the tail of the mouse.
Make sure that the tail is hanging out quite a bit, otherwise the cat can't catch them.
The mice run away and the cat will try to grab all the tails. When the tail is taken away from the mouse the game is over and she can sit on the side of the road.

Variant: If the mouse's tail is picked up, the mouse can help the cat and becomes a cat.
If you have a large team you can start with 2 cats.


We are going to set up a normal attack, but explain well how they should run now. Not behind and not between


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