Korfball drills for all skills


Play 2 against 2 with mixed teams

Static position of 4 players 2 teams around the basket. 
Player of team 1 takes the shot and at that moment all players react by rebounding.

The team that is not in possession of the ball, after the rebound, become defenders. 
The attackers can choose to shoot after the rebound or by 1 or more passes seek the second chance.

End is when the defenders have the ball or a goal is scored. 
If a goal is scored, that team may start again. If no score is scored then the other team may start.

Starting shot inside: 1 point
After the starting shot is scored: 2 points



Goal of the training:
Picking up the shot, directly in a mutual duel and building up condition.

Shot duel
Per pair a ball and a pole

  • Make 2 out of 5 distance shots from 6 meters.
  • Then you get one chance from 4 meters.
  • You must score the one from 4 meters to earn a point.
  • Your opponent can undo this point by also scoring the chance from 4 yards.

  • Score 3 of the 5 short chances from 4 meters
  • Then score 2 penalty shots, at 2, to earn a point.
  • Your opponent can undo this by also scoring both penalty shots.

  • Score 2 of the 5 shots behind the basket from 5 meters.
  • Then score 3 through balls, from 3 chances , to earn a point.
  • Your opponent can undo this point by also scoring 3 walk-through balls.

  • Scoring 1 of 5 distance shots from 8 meters.
  • Then score 3 out of 4 chances under the basket.
  • Your opponent can undo this by scoring 3 out of 3 chances under the basket.

Exercises with broom stick
1 stick per person.

  • Stick in neck, feet shoulder-width apart;
    rotate arms while continuing to look forward. Repeat until the oblique abdominal muscles sour.
    30 x

  • Stick in neck, feet shoulder-width apart;
    now squat. Knees at 90 degrees.

  • Hold the stick in front of your abdomen with your hands as far apart as possible.
    Now you bring the stick over your head to your back and back again.


    • Hold the stick in front of your belly with your hands as far apart as possible. Bring the stick over your head to your back with 1 hand high and 1 hand low. 10x. 
    • Hold the stick in front of your belly with your hands as far apart as possible. Bring the stick over your head to your back with the other hand high and over the other shoulder. 10x. 
    • Put the stick vertically on your hand and balance with it.
      On each hand 15 seconds.
    • Lunge with stick in the neck. Large step forward and bend through the other knee. Drop off on front leg and return to starting position.
      Each leg 10x

Sticks on pawns
Work in pairs. One works, the other rests.
12 pawns and 6 sticks needed.

  • Forward through odd row of sticks and back by the even row of sticks,
    so you keep looking one way. 10x each
  • Make sideways movements between the sticks from left to right and right to left, then walk backwards to the end of the box.
    Each 10x
  • Stepping sideways between the sticks from left to right and right to left, then sprinting to the end of the box.
    With both legs between the sticks as in speed ladder. Each 10x
  • Leap over the stick between the pawns left/right.
    At each stick 2x to the right and 2x to the left. 3 times each
  • In pairs run over all the sticks and sprint to the end of the field.
    1 foot between the stick. Each 10x.

Mutual game


The poles are side by side on an imaginary center line in the box max 4 per box
The side/or center/back line are the end marks. 
Per pole a declarer and a runner. The runner walks from line to line and shoots from the back one time and from the front the next. 
The runner runs 3 minutes each time.

  1. Easy pace as a warm up.
  2. Tempo goes up to 50%.
  3. Take through ball with short sprint and run out slowly to the other line.
  4. Halfway through the run-up two steps to the left or right and then run through again 50%
Although the emphasis is on fitness, make it a contest with your fellow runner to see who scores the most.
We work in pairs.

  • Score 20 distance shots. The first player shoots, the second catches and plays the first player again and pulls away from the basket to about 6 yards.
    Gets the ball and shoots. The second player catches, plays on and pulls away.
  • Score 20 penalty shots together.
  • Score 20 dodge balls of max 3 meters, change after 5 shots.
  • Score 20 times after a move from the post to the side.
  • Score 20 small chances from behind the post, change after 5 shots.
3 against 3 or 4 against 4.

As a team, try to play 10 x across to each other in a small space: 10 by 10.
  • The other team tries to intercept the ball.
  • If the ball falls but remains in possession of the attacking team, the count starts again at 0.
  • Which team will be first to score 3 times?

  • Then we play 4 against 4 on 1 basket.
    After a goal we take a free ball and if it is seated also a penalty throw.
    Which team is the first to score 5x

  • The children stand in pairs. The idea is that the children each have a tire and 1 ball.
  • The children take turns bumping into the band, the other must take the ball before the ball falls to the ground next to the band.
  • If this does happen, then five push-ups or five sit-ups are done.


Play with 4 players around the post.

  • 1 player takes the catch.
  • Next player to pass the ball takes the pass.
  • Ball is passed to the handler, handler passes to the person from whom he/she received the ball.
  • Player takes a shot.
It is important to keep a high ball pace, to fill in quickly, to fill in the right persons and to throw in the right hand.
Play 4:4 with the trained drills alternating back and forth.

  • The team that scores takes a free throw after a goal.
  • If you score the free throw, you also take a penalty throw.
  • If you score everything, you continue.
  • After 3 interceptions, there is a change of positions.


2 tours around the field with alternation in jogging and sprinting.


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