Korfball drills for all skills


Shooting game where there is 1 declarer and 4 shooters who stand 5 to 6 meters from the basket.

Nr. 1 takes a shot, if he hits the ball then number 2 must hit the ball, if he misses he must give his place to the declarer. If he misses, he/she has to give up his/her place to the declarer. If he/she hits the ball, he/she can stay on the spot and number 3 has to hit the ball until one misses and he/she has to swap places with the declarer under the basket.

1 declarer and 1 attacker

The attacker draws away from under the basket diagonally and gets the ball passed to him by the attacker, the attacker hits the ball. The attacker runs to the basket again, touches the post and pulls away diagonally to the other side of the post and shoots again.

Do this for 1 minute and count the goals, the declarer catches the ball each time and passes it to the forehead of the attacker.


Game form of 2 attackers, 2 defenders and 1 attacker.

Let the two attackers attack for 1 minute and they may play together with the attacker but also with the other attacker. Count the number of goals per person and rotate after 1 minute. The attacker who scores the most goals is the winner of the game.

Make a square with 2 posts and 1 ball.

There are 2x 2 pairs of players and 2 players who play outside the lines on the left and right. 1 pair of 2 players attacks one of the baskets and the other pair attacks the other basket. The players who are outside the lines move with the game and are always a point of attack for the attacking side. Play a 5 minute game and the side that has scored the most goals wins the game.


Walk straight to the basket.

Place your right foot slightly to one side, bend your knees and then step out to the left.

Make a 90-degree angle to the left.

When throwing the ball to the net, make a cross pass and then come out on the outside leg.

Take the ball with spread fingers, so that you can shoot directly.

The cross passes with one leg in front of the other. At the same time you turn your body towards the basket.

Make a pass to the side or slightly backwards and turn the body further in, so that the body is facing the basket.

Attention !

Your shoulders are straight towards the basket.

Your feet are straight towards the basket.

You process the shot like we discussed in the previous section on shot from stand.


Prior to the technique of the penalty throw (the eventual ball) is the run. This

This is done with the hopping step.

Walk in a line from 6 to 7 metres towards the basket and continue until you receive the ball.

Pass the ball to the receiver.

Start the hop, keeping the ball close to your belly.

Hunk, arms bent slightly, step.

Hold the ball straight in front of your body at belly height.

Straighten your body and look at the basket, raise your knee and stretch your arms.

Keep your body nice and straight in relation to the basket.

Let go of the highest point, stretch the body, come down with the other foot and check the ball, keep walking and do not jump.

Stand still after releasing the ball.

You finish the ball past the basket.

Legs about 20 cm apart and diagonally across.

Face towards the basket

Arms slightly bent.

• Good foot forward so you can make the best push-off (one child can push off better with his/her left leg and the other with his/her right leg).

  child with his or her right leg)

Hands close to the ball, with thumbs towards the basket (you put the ball on your hands).

Shoulders straight to the basket. Feet straight to the basket.

Weight on your back leg.

Shift your weight (i.e. your body) to your front leg and then push off in the direction of the basket.

Jump up towards the basket at an angle, lifting your knee well upwards so that the ball comes close to the basket (following your knee).

Jump after your knee)

Extend arms.

Let go of the ball at the highest point and point to it.

Straighten and lengthen your body

Check the ball


Legs side by side, slightly spread, about 1 foot between both feet (so the archer stands firm and balanced).

Fingers spread, thumbs and index finger in a triangle.

Ball in front of your face, looking just over the ball.

Shoulders straight to the basket.

Feet straight to the basket.

Body straight to the basket.

Elbows outwards, approx. 15 cm from the body.

Knees and then jump straight up (the power of the shot comes from the legs).

Extend your arms in the direction of the basket.

Shoot the ball in an arc towards the basket.

Point the ball in the direction of the basket.

 • Come back to the same place with both legs as you kick off.

Keep watching and pointing the ball until it hits the basket (to improve your next shot).