Korfball drills for all skills


Pairs, not too far apart, 1 ball per pair. Throw the ball over with your preferred hand (let them catch it with 2 hands). Pay attention to the following

- right leg in front (right throw=left leg in front, left throw=right leg in front)

- Hold the ball on the hand with spread fingers

- Start by holding the ball as far back as possible.

- Throw the ball with after pointing

- Step forward while throwing

- not too hard, not too soft, but tight

- Aim at chest of fellow player

N.B.; Start with a distance of a few metres, if it goes well you can go further.

Each cub 1 ball, 1 adjustable basket. Set the basket so low that the basket is within reach of the shooter, however low that may be. Have the cubs shoot from close to the basket, grab the ball themselves, etc. Teach the technique correctly. Pay attention to:

- Stand in a small staggered position

- Hold the ball well on the side/bottom, hands symmetrical left/right on the ball, fingers spread

- Elbows not outwards

- Hold the ball high: in front of the nose

- Look over the ball to the basket (use the ball as a crosshair)

- Incline: sink a bit through your legs (the ball must remain in front of your nose)

- push out, i.e. make a long jump towards the basket, point at the ball with 2 index fingers and get slightly off the ground.

N.B.: Keep the basket low in the beginning, if it goes well it can be put higher and further.


Rebound duel between attacker and defender.

One shooter in front of the basket, under the basket an attacker and a declarer and behind the basket also a shooter. The two archers move in front of and behind the basket and are allowed to pass to each other and to the attacker under the basket. After a few replays, one of the archers shoots and the attacker and the person in front of the basket engage in a rebound duel. Alternate after a few shots.

Two pairs stand near a basket (one archer and one server per pair), both have a ball and must score on the same post. At the start of the game, they may start shooting. When one of the shooters scores, all shooters and suppliers must change their position. Play a competition to see which pair scores 10 goals first.

Shooting game where there is 1 declarer and 4 shooters who stand 5 to 6 meters from the basket.

Nr. 1 takes a shot, if he hits the ball then number 2 must hit the ball, if he misses he must give his place to the declarer. If he misses, he/she has to give up his/her place to the declarer. If he/she hits the ball, he/she can stay on the spot and number 3 has to hit the ball until one misses and he/she has to swap places with the declarer under the basket.

1 declarer and 1 attacker

The attacker draws away from under the basket diagonally and gets the ball passed to him by the attacker, the attacker hits the ball. The attacker runs to the basket again, touches the post and pulls away diagonally to the other side of the post and shoots again.

Do this for 1 minute and count the goals, the declarer catches the ball each time and passes it to the forehead of the attacker.


Game form of 2 attackers, 2 defenders and 1 attacker.

Let the two attackers attack for 1 minute and they may play together with the attacker but also with the other attacker. Count the number of goals per person and rotate after 1 minute. The attacker who scores the most goals is the winner of the game.

Make a square with 2 posts and 1 ball.

There are 2x 2 pairs of players and 2 players who play outside the lines on the left and right. 1 pair of 2 players attacks one of the baskets and the other pair attacks the other basket. The players who are outside the lines move with the game and are always a point of attack for the attacking side. Play a 5 minute game and the side that has scored the most goals wins the game.



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